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"This is ridiculous!"

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"This is ridiculous!"

Hyunjin hears the door of the dorm slam shut and in walks Seungmin, throwing his robes on his bed carelessly before heading into the bathroom. The boy sits up from lying down and observes his friend from where he is.

"What's ridiculous?"

"Didn't you hear?" Seungmin calls from inside the bathroom, voice muffled with the sounds of tooth brushing and he spits before continuing. "McGonagall's locking the school, we need to keep distances and such but nobody knows what's happening because she didn't say much!"

"I —"

Before Hyunjin could say anything, Seungmin is already at the door of the bathroom, staring him down suspiciously. "You didn't go to dinner, now did you?" he asks, leaning on the wall.


Seungmin tsks, plonking himself down on his own bed. "Apparently this is very dangerous and get this, get this! They said it may lead to deaths," he says, "but they wont even tell us why."

Hyunjin hums in response, making his best friend furrow his brows out of confusion. Seungmin sits up on his bed and eyes Hyunjin sharply.

"Why aren't you panicking for your life?" he asks, "you're the drama queen here."

"Maybe because I'm the one who could potentially die?" Hyunjin answers.

"We could all potentially die!"

"Look who's the drama queen now," Hyunjin says, rolling in his bed and trying to snuggle into it, slightly frightened at the sudden precautions the school is taking. Especially knowing that he was the main reason this started in the first place leaves a guilty knot inside of him, he knew he shouldn't have gone to see Professor Bloome.

The room falls into silence, but Seungmin shuffles around in his bed before speaking up. "Hyunjin, buddy?" he calls.


"Why am I scared?"

Hyunjin's heart sinks hearing the sentence his best friend just told him. Seungmin hardly ever gets scared and in fact, he would usually be the one to tell Hyunjin to man up and deal with it. Seeing him curl up in his bed, staring blankly at the wall and wondering about his safety in this so called 'safest place' worries Hyunjin — it worries him a lot.

If only a Time Turner is in his possession right now, he would do anything to not have gone to Professor Bloome's office. His guts are telling him that he was the one who causes everything and seeing as he was the reason it started, maybe he was the one dying.

But Hyunjin was never the one to trust his gut feeling and with just a bit of Yongbok Felicis (Hyunjin started calling it that when he learnt Felix's real birth name was Yongbok, has a nice ring into it, right?), things might actually go his way.

However, the sixth year Slytherin turns to face his best friend whose bed lies on the other side of the room and when their eyes meet, he gives the latter a reassuring smile. "Don't be," Hyunjin tells him, "you wont die. Trust me."

What kind of best friend would Seungmin be if he didn't trust Hyunjin? A bad one, sure, but Seungmin hesitates on nodding yes as an answer to Hyunjin.

"We wont die, right?"

Hyunjin laughs, "of course we wont."

"Hopefully," he adds under his breath without the red head knowing.

"You trust me, right?"


The older boy then sits up right on his bed, horror in his eyes. "But what about quidditch!?"



"No? Probably? I don't know!"

Not long after, soft snores are heard from the other side of the dorm room and from the two now occupied beds in the room. Hyunjin couldn't sleep, thinking about the words of reassurance he said to Seungmin earlier.

He can't 100% guarantee that. You know it's serious when the whole school is involved and you may never know, one of the two may ... no. He doesn't want to think about it.

Hyunjin decides that he needed fresh air, and would sneaking out to the kitchens for donuts be possible?

Shrugging, he puts on his slippers and waddles out of the room, shutting the door tightly behind him.

The common room is cold, as per usual, and the fire being the only source of warmth in the room. There are not many people lounging on the couches. Some are reading books, some are doing their school assignments and some others are just chatting with their friends. Everyone seemed content with what they were doing. Nobody will notice if he sneaks out, right?

"Hwang Hyunjin, where do you think you're going?"

Hyunjin grimaces, retracting his hand from the door knob and turns around slowly to face a curious Lee Minho.

"N-nowhere," Hyunjin curses at himself for stuttering, "just looking for a p-place to s-sit!" He reaches for the wall nearest to him and starts to lean down. "You know, the dorm rooms are pretty boring at this hour."

"No I'm pretty sure you were about to head outside?" the quidditch captain raises one of his brows at the younger, "didn't you hear what McGonagall said at dinner? No going out past 6."

"I.. I did," Hyunjin lies, "but really, I was about to sit down. It's a bit cramped in the dorms."

Which is somewhat true. He couldn't drown himself in deathly thoughts all alone like that. No, it's too suffocating.

Minho nods in satisfaction before turning slowly. "But if you were about to get some food from the kitchen, you know I would have definitely gone with you," he says in a sing song voice, "I'm starving and we didn't even get enough time to eat."

Hyunjin does a double take, freezing in the middle of crouching down. "W-wait, really?" he says, before slapping his mouth with his hands.

Minho laughs, "of course! Quidditch players got each other's backs."

Grinning, Hyunjin almost leaped with joy but controlled himself so they wouldn't get noticed by the whole common room.

"Let's go then!" Hyunjin says, "I need donuts and fresh night air!"

The two Slytherin boys sneakily slide past the dormitory doors and slip into the dark corridor leading to the heart of the castle.

"How can you be sure we will not get caught?" Minho asks when they get to the end of the hallway.

"Don't worry, I've done this heaps before," the younger assures him as his eyes scan the situation around him. "I've got this, we will make it to the kitchen."

"I'm putting my trust on you, then."

"Sure, if you want."


i don't even know my updating schedule anymore HAHA *cries silently* but hey at least i'm still going strong. i have so many homework and i'm starting to question indonesia's education system. get this, my math teacher assigned a 180 questions task to do in a span of one week, so far i've done 20 and it's due this thursday lord help me:(

i hope your week will be better than mine lol♡

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