Chapter 11-The Return

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I can see Colin's head of green hair move by the window of their apartment. I've been trapped in this freak show for over a couple days now. I didn't register my arrival, but I did end up in the mayor's office. He was out though and I even waited around for two hours. He never showed. This place isn't cold or anything so I didn't mind sleeping outside. It's kind of growing on me actually. The food's great too.

The boss kind of was right. This is sort of like my vacation, but perhaps I'm only considering it to be one since I just so happened to luckily avoid going somewhere else instead. It was pretty easy to find Valerie because they have a relocation center in town the dead are supposed to go to when they arrive here. I looked up the goddess by her last name and it simple enough to thumb through a couple of old books and find where was living with the rest of them.

I suppose all good things must come to an end though. I've only been here three days and today I decided to take a walk up over the fields to stretch my legs after residing in a coffee shop in the town for the day. I was made to change into these black tacky overalls and grey undershirt, but I didn't mind since the clothes were free. Everyone wears black here and yeah I guess it makes things gloomy, but other than that the people seem happy.

The boss told me in my mind yesterday to just meet him over at the mayor's office building this morning after I told him where Valerie was staying here. I guess I better get on it, the sun's rising on the horizon now and I wouldn't want to keep him waiting.


My body aches as I shift uncomfortably unfamiliar with the new heavy soft blankets resting on top of me. I feel like I'm sinking down into my bed and I don't remember my bed in the apartment being this comfy. It's a struggle just to sit up, but something moves off of me and I feel less trapped beneath the covers as I sit up opening my eyes to my new surroundings. The room is dark except for the fuzzy little lit-up clouds hanging from a white ribboned mobile. The mobile dangles, still, above the black bars of a baby crib in the corner of the room.

My vision adjusts a little more. This room is far too big to be the one I fell asleep in and so is the bed. My brain hurts and the edges of my vision are clouded still in sleep. I wipe at my eyes while literally crawling out of the sinking bed. When I stand up I gape down at the black funeral gown I'm dressed in. It drags on the ground behind me as I approach the baby crib. When I look inside the crib, I see the vamp baby peering up at me while swaying its arms up at me.

Dread sinks into me as I consider turning around to put a face to the eyes I feel watching my back. Without looking back at the bed, I snatch the baby up. The walls of the room are covered in taxidermy and a giant bear rug leads me on my way to the exit of the room. I don't think I've seen a door so big. It reaches the ceiling and has been left open. I push against it with my hip while holding the baby. The door is heavy and made of some kind of wood with carvings on it, but it's too dark for me to make out the lettering.

When I push the door open wide enough, I slip out into the dark hallway just has the evil little vamp baby clamps down on my finger. I bite my lip in agony while looking for a way out this place. The hallway is lit up by a hanging electric chandelier and the walls are covered in dark maroon wallpaper with gothic patterns. I don't see any windows and on a whim, I just start walking down the right side of the hallway following the bend in the hall at the end.

The staircase is made of black marble and so is the floor down below. My attention is honed in on the front door as I do my best to travel down the grand staircase with tripping on my annoying dress.  

I feel like I'm still sweating from laying in that bed and it makes my skin crawl because I know it wasn't just the vamp baby and me in there. I'm not in Hegley Hallow anymore. To confirm my suspicions I walk straight up to the front door of the house.

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