Chapter 1

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Thanatos was annoyed as he almost stomped down the busy sidewalk, making mortals almost scatter at the fierce look on his face. He wasn't much for words and never said much, but he was so close to telling Zeus off!

Why had they even begun this stupid role-play thing in the first place? They were too old to be playing such childish games! Not only were they pretending to be in a motorcycle club called 'The Iron Chariots', but Zeus, in all his wisdom, he gave a snort of derision, had decided to open a mechanic/body shop.

A body shop that does a little bit of mechanic work on the side of all things! We are gods, we don't know anything about these mortal contraptions! Not only that but why must it be me that has to play the "mechanic"?  Stupid Zeus! I suppose he thinks because I'm big and scary to most mortals its best to hide me away in that filthy garage! He grumbled to himself internally.

Today, they had needed a part for some weird looking little car that had been brought in. So, Zeus had sent him and Apollo off to find the part needed for it at a parts store. Why they couldn't have just had it delivered to the garage he would never know, since that was the way they'd been doing it.

Lost as he was in his own annoying thoughts and irritation, he never saw the petite woman as she walked out of a store in front of him, until he almost ran her over.

"Oh!" The woman yelped, her arms windmilling as she tried to stop herself from falling.

"So sorry Miss, I didn't realize anyone was coming out the door," Thanatos murmured as softly as he could in his naturally gruff voice. He caught her elbows to keep her from hitting the ground as he continued speaking, hoping not to scare her, "I should have been paying better attention to my surroundings."

The woman turned her large green eyes up from where they were level with his rib cage to meet his own dark eyes.

Thanatos gazed at her beautiful face as he waited to see what her response to him would be. There were many ways mortals reacted to him, one was a squeak of fear and it usually came from the woman. It usually proceeded the shiver that ran through them, a shiver they never understood, but he knew it was because of who he was. Then there was the gasp before they almost ran from him, male or female because he scared them.

He's learned early on that even if they didn't feel the "cold of death" his height was enough to intimidate most mortals. He was almost exactly seven feet tall, and although he was just as good looking as all the other gods, he'd been told he tended to keep a perpetual frown on his face which turned people off. He'd also been told he had a "dark aura", which when he thought about it made sense because he was the god of death. None of these things exactly endeared him to the fairer sex, especially of the mortal kind. He really didn't mean to look so angry all the time, he really could be a gentle soul. It was just that nobody ever took the time to get past his intimidating size and to see the real him.

Fearful sounds never came from the petite woman standing in front of him though. Instead, she gave him a bright smile as she said, "It okay, I wasn't paying any attention either. I was trying to find my phone to tell my brother I was ready for him to come and pick me up."

Thanatos gave her a nod and tried to smile, although he feared it was probably more of a grimace as he opened his mouth to say, "I..."

"Skull! There you are, why did you run off and leave me? It's a good thing I knew where you were headed or..." Apollo ranted as he jogged up to Thanatos. He came to a halt next to them, his sentence changing too, "Oh, I see, you found a pretty lady to talk to."

The woman then turned her head to look over at Apollo. She tilted her head as she studied him, from the top of his golden-brown head of curls to his black biker boots, then back up.

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