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Hi Hi!

These chapters won't come out right away but here's some basic information

You are a seventeen year old girl. You have a tomboyish style, along with a sassy, mean, and clever attitude. Along with angry (as fuk) and mean. Not to mention you had humor of a 16 year old in 2018-19. You didn't care much for love and turned every boy down. You were switching schools because you fought off a group of girls and scared them off because of some "force" that beat them up good. You weren't surprised that you were expelled and had to go to a different school. What surprised you is that you were moving to Japan along with being a transfer student.

About your stand~

Your stands battle cry is "bea" (Damn that's sick brah Lemme hit it )

Your stands appearance: Its wearing a white mask white no expression but it has a crack in the right eye-hole. It has long hair but is put back in a downward-sort pony tail. Your stands eyes turn hot red when using its special move.  It has large spikes on part of its shoulders. On its chest is a crescent moon. It has gladiator like sandals and has some sort of viking skirt on its waist. Your stands main color is a dark but light shade of blue

You can summon force fields that circle around you and can expand you throw your opponent back or against something. While you are in the middle of the forcefield the ground below you can start to erode a little (based on how for you will expand it) If you touch the ground and summon a forcefield you can use it as a platform to jump off of a stand on

Another ability you have is called "Yeet". Its when your stand violently slaps its hands together making an extremely strong tornado force against your opponent, (it can even break through walls of course) It can be extremely dangerous to people who are non-stand users who are near to you. In order to do this special move you have SCRAEM Yeet. 

Yes this is edited my lovely hoe- I mean darlings. 




lets kill da book, BEEEEEEETCH

lets kill da book, BEEEEEEETCH

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