Midnight Bang-Jaehyun(3)

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"WinWin!" I call out for my best friend that say beside me while we watched a dumb show on his TV. I decided to see him today, we wanted to stay up late and probably do some dumb shit.

"(Y/N)!" He called with same tone I had making me smile widely.

"I'm boreddd," I groaned and laid down on his lap. He poked me and smiled at me. "I'm bored tooo," he said and put his hand behind his head making it prop his head on his hands.

I yawned and stretched arms out. "Let's just talk," he averted his eyes from the TV in front of him to me. "about anything, I could care less about what we talk about at this point," I stared at the ceiling blankly.

"Hmm," he hummed. "anything?" He puts a finger and puts it on his lip. "how are you and Jaehyun?" He brought up my boyfriend, Jung Jaehyun. Just thinking about him made me drool. Because DAMN, HE IS FINE.

Sometimes I question how he even decided to date me when I can't even compare to all the pretty girls in this world. I miss him now that I'm thinking about him. We haven't seen each other in a week, we've only texted and called each other. But then again he's a very busy man, he's always juggling his responsibilities and his friends.

I was hoping we could hang out tomorrow, but I'm too afraid he'll just say he's busy, like he usually does.

"Well, we haven't been hanging out together for some time since he's always busy with his job," I put my arms just like WinWin's and I close my eyes. "just talking about him makes me miss him." I sigh.

Suddenly my phone begins to ring. WinWin picks my phone up from the couches arm. "Who is it?" I ask him.

"Jaehyun." He hands me the phone and I immediately answer it.

"Hello?" I say and I hear heavy breathing on the other line. I hear Jaehyun moaning my name out.  "Baby, I need you, come to my apartment." And with that he hangs up leaving me confused. I look at my phone, confused at what I just heard.

"What's wrong?" WinWin asks me. "What did he say?" He asks again.

"I don't know, when I got on the phone he was just breathing heavily and moaning, then he told me to come to his apartment." I said making WinWin's face flush. He looks away from my eyes and turns his head to the ceiling.

"I-I wonder why." He said quietly. I squint my eyes at him. "You know why he's being like this, huh?" I sat up and stared at him intensely.

He puts his head back up and nods. "I'll tell you but only because I've had this before." he said and put his hands in his lap.

"Well," I turned my body to face him. "Spill the tea."

Now that I've left WinWin's apartment I was standing in front of Jaehyun's apartment door that was a floor lower from WinWin's. My hand hovered over the door wondering if I even should knock.

I take in a deep breath and I knock on the door only to not get an answer. I knock a few more times but still no one comes to open the door. I twist the doorknob and the door opens. I walk inside, closing the door behind me.

"Jaehyun?" I call but I don't hear him answer me. The lights in his apartment were on and it looked like he was going to eat something since there were ingredients for something on his kitchen island. "Jaehyun? Baby, are you okay?" I call out once again and began to walk farther into his apartment.

I hear moaning coming from his bedroom and I start to get scared, thinking that he's with someone in his room. I quickly walk towards his room to see that his door was cracked a bit and light peered from the crack of the door.

Now the moaning was way louder and luckily, I only heard Jaehyun's voice. I open the door to see him lying on his side with his covers over him. He was moaning uncontrollably and I quickly think back to what WinWin had told me.

"I'll tell you but only because I've had this before." "Jaehyun is in heat and he needs you to come help him with it."

I blush as I see that he doesn't have a shirt on. "Jaehyun? Are you alright?" I ask him hoping that he would answer. He moans out my name and holds his arm out to me. I walk over to him and I hold his hand but as soon as I do that he pulls me down onto the bed.

"(Y/N)," he moaned and brought his face down onto the crook of my neck. "I need you, now." He said sternly and began to plant kisses around my neck, sucking on some parts and definitely leaving marks.

He traveled up my neck and locked my lips in a kiss. He makes fast movements, too fast for me to keep up. He takes his lips away from mine and sits up revealing the basketball shorts he's wearing. A huge bulge was in the middle right where his private area was. He straddles my lap and he puts my legs over his and stared down at me seductively.

"(Y/N), I need to be inside of you, right now," He began to trail his hands up and down my body. He began to take my pants off to where I was left laying there in underwear and a shirt.

"Jaehyun, wait," he looked up at me. "will this help you? You know..in the uh..." I began to stutter. "..'state' you're in right now?"

He smiled at me and leaned down to give me a soft kiss. "You're so cute, (Y/N)," he said and began to take off the shirt I had on. "This will definitely help me and you," he said and moved his hand up to my bra.

He unclips my bra and leans down to abuse my chest. I can't help but let out a moan and he twirls his tongue around my nipples. He takes his other hand and slides it into my underwear and he inserts two fingers inside of me

I moan out his name as he quickens his pace. He takes his finger out and takes his mouth off of my chest. "(Y/N) I've been wanting to do this is to you for the longest," he sat up and began to pull his pants down. "I need you, so bad," along with his pants he pulls his underwear down as well letting his member fly free.

He slides my underwear and stares down at my heat with lust in his eyes. He looks back at me with wide eyes. "Can I?" He said and trailed his finger down my heat making me squirm.

I nod my head and he doesn't take that much time positioning himself in front of me. He
slowly pushed himself inside of me and began to moan. I felt full and uncomfortable the first time he went in but by the time he picked up his pace I began to get used to it. I could feel my body filling with pleasure and I couldn't help but moan his name out.

He began to moan my name as he went faster and he leant down to kiss me. We switch positions to where I'm on his lap and he's laying down on his back. He placed his hands on my hips and moved me up and down his shaft. I held myself up by placing my hands on his stomach while I bounced up and down.

I was moaning uncontrollably and I could feel myself coming close to releasing but I hold it in, for Jaehyun. He sat up and let me hold on to his shoulders while he kissed down my chest. I could feel him twitching inside almost like he was getting ready to come inside me.

He tries to hold it inside. "(Y/N)," he breathes out. "I love you, so fucking much," he began to speed up causing me to come onto him. But not that long after he came onto my chest and hugged me close to him. Now all that was heard was our heavy breathing.

He laid back down with me on his chest. "Thank you, so much," he began to speak. "I finally got show you just how much I love you," just hearing him say that made me smile weakly.

(A/N: never again, oh god that was super cringe. MEGA CRINGE. Ewwwwww)


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