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"Why are you just leaveing?!" A silver rainwing asked "U said it your self that nightwings aren't aloud in the rainforest kingdom!" The nightwing said "We are allies in this war Nightwings are aloud in the rainforest" the Rainwing said "Queen silver I understand you don't want to raise the dragonet on your own but I can't just leave my tribe alone?" The nightwing said looking sadly at queen silver "Shadowmoon fine I'll raise the dragonet on my own but if it a female what should we call her?" Queen silver asked shadowmoon "call her darkmoon if its a male and call him darkforest" shadowmoon said then flew up "goodbye Silver" shadowmoon said "Goodbye king" silver said to him as he flew away as soon as that happened a dragon flew up to her "Queen your mother something happened to her!" The rainwing said "Take me tk her the apple" she yell at the apple. They flew to Queen silvers mother, when they found her she was lying on the moss with huge gash on her stomach "Mother what happened!" Silver asked "A Skywing tried to still the eggs" She said "Where's the Skywing? " Apple asked silvers mother "I manged to get him into the Prison" silver mother said then as she finished her mother lyied down to sleep and never woke up again.

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