chapter thirty two - have a happy maraudertines day

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It was getting dark outside by the time Lily, Marlene, Dorcas and Laurelle took their places at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall for dinner. The four sixth-year boys were visibly missing - to which Lily felt immense relief for. She didn't think she could stand another minute of staring at James while Sirius snickered in the background.

Marlene had finally relented and had told the three girls who her date to the Tea was. It came as a great shock when they found it was William Filler, a Gryffindor seventh-year and also Lily's fellow Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

"I'm so excited," Laurelle said, eating very quickly and glancing at her wristwatch every few seconds.

"Did I tell you how excited I am?" Marlene asked. She was smiling shyly at William, who sat a few seats down.

"You might have mentioned it once or twice, I think," Lily replied sarcastically. She and Dorcas shared a look at the expression on Laurelle and Marlene's faces.

At last, they finished eating, Marlene jumping up the minute her plate was clear. Laurelle was right behind her.

"Honestly, you'd think we're about to meet Celestina Warbeck or something," Dorcas muttered to Lily.

They hurried up all the narrow flights of stairs and past all the tapestries until they reached the portait of the Fat Lady, where Dorcas muttered the password.

Laurelle and Marlene hurtled straight up to their dormitory, excited for the Tea and the beautiful dresses they were going to be wearing. Dorcas was right after them, but Lily stood outside the staircase leading to the boys dormitories.

"You coming, Lil?" Dorcas asked when she noticed Lily wasn't walking behind her.

"Yeah, I just-" she shook her head and followed Dorcas into the dormitory.

"So we're going to be matching, right?" Lily asked Dorcas, both of them watching as Marlene and Laurelle frantically got dressed.

"Yep," Dorcas confirmed with a nod.

Seeing as the food prepared for the Tea always included tarts and Dorcas's all-time favourite rooibos tea ("It's so wonderful that's it from Southern Africa, don't you think?"), they had decided to go together. Both were going to wear matching green and black plaid skirts, and sweater-vests, all made by Dorcas's mum, who absolutely loved knitting.

They, too, got dressed, Dorcas offwring go do everyone's makeup once she was done. Marlene abd Laurelle looked really pretty too, Marlene in a grey long-sleeved dress with her long golden hair flowing down her back and Laurelle in a denim miniskirt and a white tank top with a mesh top over, her hair in a Double Dutch Braid. Lily decided to leave her hair down and over her shoulder and Dorcas with her frizzy hair pinned in a beautiful up-do.

Once they were finally done about fifty minutes later - with ten minutes to spare - Laurelle stood up from the desk chair she'd been sitting on, determination etched into her face. "Ladies, let's go do what we were made to do,"

"Yeah!" Marlene yelled enthusiastically.

"Let's go show those croissants what we're made of!" Lily added.

They made their way down to the common room, where William Filler and Charlie Gordon (Laurelle's cousin's friend) stood waiting.

"He looks so in love," Lily commented to Dorcas, watching as William took Marlene's hand in his and kissed it gently.

"It's slightly sickening," Dorcas agreed solemnly.

They followed behind the two couples, commenting every now and then on the boys' behaviour towards Marlene and Laurelle.

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