1. Diego.

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Last night was super scary. I gotted separated from my big brother Sammy. His real name is Sam but I like Sammy better.

We were eating squirrel and Sammy made mine black and crispy just the way I like it best. But then the scary monsters came again. Sammy put my blue bag on my back and gave me Toby.

Toby is my best friend. Sammy got him for me when I was born and I have had him since. When we met Cassy, he stitched on a wing onto Toby's back. He gave me a piece of paper too and said to give it to anyone if I find somebody.

When the monsters came Sammy told me to run so I did. I didn't know where to go. I lost both Sammy and Dean now. They're both my big brothers and Dean is four years older than Sammy.

It's easy to get lost in the woods. I tried to follow the screams and shouts from last night but I just don't know where they came from. Then I heard a noise behind me. It sounded like leaves crunching.

I whirled around and the next thing I knew there was a tall man in front of me. He had a side ways bow in his arms and he had a string of squirrels limply hanging off of his shoulder. I didn't know this man.

"What's a little kid like ya doin out here on yer own huh?" The man said with a gruff voice. I stayed silent, just starring at him. He eventually got fed up and spoke again.

"I ain't gonna hurt ya kid... what you doin here?"

"M-my brothers... I needs to finds them" I whispered while slightly pulling at my fingers. The man stood still for a minute while looking deep in thought.

"I gotta camp.. your brothers might be there.... you gotta name kid?"

"Uhh y-yes.. my name is Diego.. here" I handed him the piece of crumpled up paper that Sammy had given me. He took it from my tiny and shaky hands and he squinted his eyes while he read whatever Sammy had written.

My name is Diego Winchester and I'm four years old. I have ADHD. If I'm alone please look after me.

The man huffed and stuck the paper in his back pocket of his very dirty pants.

"Names Daryl... now come on, it's gonna be dark soon and we don't want to bring the geeks down on us"

I nodded my head and started to walk behind him.. well more like jog, he was walking really fast. Eventually it got dark and Daryl lit a small fire and started to cook some squirrel. Soon enough, he offered me some and told me to get some sleep. I did as I was told and cuddled up to Toby. I dreamt about finding Sammy and Dean.

I woke up to being poked in the side with a stick. I grumbled and heard a sigh, the next thing I knew I was being lifted into Daryl's arms. He reminds me of Dean-o.

"Are we goings to your.. your camp?" I quietly asked

"Yeah, but I gotta find this deer, found the tracks yesterday, been tracking it for miles, gonna drag it back to camp" he said back.

After a little while he put me down so that I could walk on my own, but then he kept moaning at me cause he said I was being too loud. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and I bumped into his leg and he shot me a confused glance before putting his finger up to his lips While pointing at a deer.

I watched as he skilfully lifted up his side ways bow and shot the deer in the bottom. It set off running and Daryl grabbed my arm and we quickly followed the deer. Not long after, we heard some screams not that far away. I let out a little gasp and Daryl just ignored it.

We came out of a clearing and Daryl went out first and then I followed. What we saw made me momentarily freeze. There were lots of men with pointy sticks.

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