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For the summer of 2019, the Red Feather Award is going to try something different! Instead of our monthly book contest, the months of May-August will be the time period for a single writing contest based on a prompt we provide.

Participants must write, upload, and submit a short story based on the following prompt:

A broken key

The smell of rain

An old book

Using these three pieces of inspiration, we want you to write a short story about anything you want!

Running Time

May 1 - August 31 at 11:59pm (MST)


1. Any genre (fantasy, romance, thriller, mystery, contemporary, etc)

2. Between 2500 and 25000 words

3. Cannot be a preexisting piece of work


1. Follow the 3 judges:




2. Follow the RedFeatherAward

3. Add this story to a reading list so you're notified of updates

4. Tag 3-5 friends who may also wish to enter before you start writing!

How To Submit

Once you have completed your short story, upload it as a published work to Wattpad.

The first line of your description should read:

A short story written for the Red Feather Award Summer 2019 Writing Contest.

Then add 'RedFeatherAward' as a tag. 

Please tag us and include our prompt in the introduction or author's note of your story for your readers.

Once your story has been uploaded and you've followed the steps above, enter the following form here as a single comment:


Short Story Title:

Word Count:

1 Sentence Synopsis:

Did you follow the rules:

*(Remember, this must be done before 11:59pm MST on August 31)


1st Place

1. Bragging rights

2. A feature on our page and in this entry book

3. 1st place sticker for your story cover 

4. A permanent follow from this account

5. Your story will be added to our WINNERS! reading list

2nd and 3rd 

1. Also some bragging rights

2. Mentioned as runners up in the 1st place features

3. 2nd and 3rd place stickers for your story cover

The winners will be announced in September.

As you will have three or four months to write and enter, we are expecting quality work, and are SO excited to see what the wonderful authors of our community come up with. 

Good luck! 

Please send any questions to our inbox. 

~ The RedFeatherAward Committee ~

~ The RedFeatherAward Committee ~

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