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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"this why I tell yo' ass to leave these trickmade kids alone. They don't wanna be yo' friend for real, you know that. You know they tryna break you down, but you still follow along"

this fight that Kamrynn got into with 3 girls went further then expected

"I know, I ain't even know them. The girl just started talking crazy out the side of her neck, so we started arguing. I don't know or talk to nobody in that school except for Samiyah"

"come on" I said grabbing my keys off my dresser. I had to go to the police station to turn myself in.

they lied and said I pepper sprayed them

I went to drop Kamrynn off at my sister house.

"it's always something, I swear" Teelee said putting her hand on her hip

"hood bruh, this shit wouldn't of went this way if they wouldn't of been tryna jump her. Motherfuckers always coming for my seeds"

"I know, but gone and do what you need to do. Call me if you need to" she said as I walked out

"aight, I gotchu. Love you"

I made my way up to the police station. They said ima have to do time, but that ain't happening. I called Teelee and got her to open my bank account and get $100,000 out

this wasn't nothing to me, and I don't care. After the bail we went back home, and I was just chilling

Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Kamrynn dont you get on live starting that shit. Ain't nobody got time for that shit mane" my daddy said walking pass me smoking his blunt

"they on my live talking, I said nothing to them"

these hoes is all on my live running they mouth. They ain't nothing, but internet gangsters.

they posted my daddy mugshots from a long time ago talking bout he doing time.

we heard 3 knocks at the door and KD, 3three, Ben, and Boomer came in the house.

"Mane say, where Draco at?" my daddy asked before this light skin girl came walking in holding him.

She was pretty with long hair and she had braces

"mane y'all went to get Jaelyn" my daddy said, and she stuck her middle finger up

who the fuck is Jaelyn?

"yeah she told us to slide through and get her"

"Kentrell don't act like you ain't miss me with yo' ugly ass" she said laughing

"akekeke, ain't she funny" my daddy said I started laughing and they all looked at me

"Kamrynn this Jaelyn, Jaelyn this Kamrynn. Jaelyn I told you bout Kamyrnn a million times. Kamrynn this auntie Jen daughter, this my lil cousin, so that make y'all cousins"

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