My Face is Everywhere

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AN: Daniel Johnson pictured above

Calla couldn't sleep that night, it wasn't because the air mattress was uncomfortable or that she wasn't warm enough, it was because she couldn't get the image of herself out of her head. She heard the words of the newscaster clearly in her mind and, for some reason, she couldn't get the note about her hair out of the repetitive words in her head.

Brown hair. The lady on the news said the young lady has brown hair. She has black hair, very dark black hair, it doesn't even look like it might be dark brown. Could there be someone out there that looks that much like her and got themselves into trouble as well? That sounded ridiculous in her head, but she didn't see another way. 

"Are you awake?" Charlie's voice came from his corner of the room. She thought about answering him for a second and decided that if he was up, then she could pick his brain about a few fears of hers. 

"Yeah, I keep thinking about the news from earlier," she whispered back to him, forgetting that no one else in the house would be able to hear her. 

"What more about it could you be thinking of?" Charlie asked her while he rolled over and turned on one of the lamps on his bedside table. The small light lit up enough of the space for him to see the other corner of the room where she sat up against the wall. She had a blanket on her lap and one balled up behind her back. She began to chew on her nails, something she didn't know she used to do when she was nervous. 

"You're a nail biter, interesting," Charlie pointed out her new habit and she pulled her fingers out when he mentioned it. "I didn't realize I was one of those, new things every day." Her tone was shaky and she was staring at a spot on the wall. Charlie saw this and he thought about something his mom would do when he was too far into his own head. 

"Do you like marshmallows and cartoons?" He started to get up and out of bed before he realized what he just said. She probably doesn't remember if she likes either of those. "Sorry, didn't mean to word it that way," he quickly apologized but she snapped out of her daze and didn't really notice what he said in the first place. 

"Are marshmallows in that pink crunchy thing I ate?" She made a squishy sign with her hands to show what snack cake she was talking about. "Oh, the snowballs? Yeah, those have marshmallow in them." He laughed when he remembered the wrappers around her, most of them being the snowballs. 

"Then I like marshmallows, not sure about cartoons." She pulled one of the blankets up further while Charlie walked around the room grabbing a small tv and a VCR that he had to wipe the dust off of first. He plugged a few of the wires in and set the tv on a small table in front of the air mattress and then pushed something wide and black into the slot of the VCR. He turned around and found a spot on the air mattress and grabbed a blanket from Calla so he could get comfortable. 

"This is my favorite cartoon, my mom always put it on when I was really anxious or something. It's about a cat who cases a mouse, and he never wins. Also, why did you eat so many of the cakes? I'm not upset or anything, just a little worried you may have also gotten into my weed stash or something." He clicked the tv on with the small remote and the video started to play. Loud colors and sounds started in the room and Calla couldn't help but be pulled into it. 

"I ate one of them and I had this memory of eating a bite of one around a table with teapots and cups. There was a man there with dark hair, he cut the cake for me and pour some tea into my cup. We were laughing. It wasn't about the incident or anything that happened recently. I've only been having memories like that, what if it's my parents?" She asked him, knowing his answer would be the only thing that would help her chaotic mind right now. 

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