Chapter 16- Echoes Of Pain

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Clarke's memory fails her when she looks back at her interaction with Russell.

And by fails, she means she has no recollection of it whatsoever.

Not a word. Not glimpse. Not even the vagueness of deja vu.


She wakes up in her bed, Bellamy's jacket still wrapped around her body, the light flooding in through the window, the rays shining right into her eyes. She blinks against it. And a breeze is flowing in through the open window. She shivers, in the bright early morning when the two suns are only just warming the planet it's much colder than during the day. She sits up, a thin sheet sliding off of her body.

Raven's bed is empty, which she expected. Raven is usually up and at 'em early in the morning, her mind works so quickly even during sleep that she wakes up with new ideas and plans created in her brain.

Clarke wipes at her eyes, trying to rub the sleep away but she can't. She feels so achy and tired. Her joints stiff and so... hard. She looks at her hands in her lap, and notices with a lurch of her heart that they have blood on them.


She feels bile rise up in her throat. Where did it come from? She rises out of the bed in a panic, walking to the door and pushing it open, with a creak of the floorboards as she steps out into the open room of the cabin.

And her theory that something is awfully wrong is confirmed by the scene before her.

Those who see her when she first steps out, just stare, just stare endlessly. And those who aren't looking directly at her, are alerted by those who are.

Everything moves so quickly after that.

Clarke stumbles back as a small body hits her, pressing her little face into Clarke's chest. Clarke registers her sobs before wrapping her arms instinctively around her, laying gentle hand on her head and burying her fingers into her messy braids, brushing her fingers through them. She doesn't even think about the movements, she's done them so many times it's just second nature. She raises her eyes from the crying girl, confusion evident on her own face and all of theirs.

Everyone is here, sitting on the couches, and before she can even get a look at all of them, she's enveloped in another hug, a much bigger person who can get her entire body in his grip.

She allows him to hold her for a moment before pushing herself away. "What- what's going on?" she asked, glancing down at Madi again and over Bellamy's shoulder at the people behind him.

Raven is staring at her, and her hands gripped in front of her are shaking so hard she probably wouldn't be able to hold anything without dropping it.

Murphy is standing, he had been one of the first to notice her. But Bellamy ignores her question, running a hand over her shoulders and over her arms, his voice seeming to be stuck. And when he finds it, it just complicates her confusion even more.

"You're here." he says softly. "You came back."

"... came back?" she asks. "I don't- did I leave?"

Silence falls. Like a blanket of snow. "Clarke..." Bellamy licks his lips once. "You just walked out of that room... Raven told us this morning that it was empty, your bed was empty... and it has been for the last four days."

The blow lands like a mine. "four days?" She yells, pushing farther away from Bellamy but somehow pulling Madi closer, who has ceased crying but still grips Clarke's midriff like a vice.

"Bellamy, I- I don't remember... I can't remember-." she attempts to speak those words but stops when Madi tightens her grip on her so hard she can't breath. "I was gone? How could I have been gone?"

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