Chapter 2

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It took me a long time to find the courage to get out of the car and head towards the house, an hour to be exact. I walked slowly towards the door and I found myself staring at it. So many questions were crossing my mind.

 How should I act around him?

Should I be mad at him because my life are so different now and he is the main reason for it?

 Or should I just ignore him and focus on my own life, focus on my career and goals in life?

 I didn't want the marriage, but he didn't want them either. I will try my best to ignore him, I decided and finally opened the door. All I could see when I opened the door was darkness.

 Pure darkness, nothing else.

 I started to reach my hands out to objects around me, so I could somehow find the stairs, my bedroom, my bed, and basically sleep and never wake up. I walked in a straight line quite a lot until I felt the first stair beneath my feet. 

I started to slowly walk up the stairs, and after at least 30 of them I got to the top floor, no erase that, I got to the second floor. Since the second floor had a bit more light, I stopped touching random things and I opened the first door that I saw. 

The walls of the room were goldish, there was a big window and next to it was a normal sized bed with white covers and bright pink pillows. Next to the bed there was a white circled mag that covered almost half of the room. 

I didn't really care about how the room looked like at that moment, all I wanted to do was to sleep and forget about this awful day. I ran to the bed, but then I realised.. I just came back from the gym... I was in the gym for five hours.... I probably don't look that good right now... I probably don't smell that good right now... I probably should take a shower.

 And with that, I went to my new adventure around the dark house just so I can find a freaking shower, life is fun and full of adventures! 

I got off the comfortable bed and I opened the door. I walked in the hallway, too scared to open random doors, I watch too many horror movies. When I finally felt brave enough to open a door I felt someone's presence behind me, and let me tell you, I freaked out. 

Too many horror movies as I mentioned. I turned around, and to my surprise it was a women. An old women, I would say in her 50s. She was just staring at me, and I was about to lose my shit, right there. How could it possibly get any creepier?!

"Hey, I just wanted to look for the shower, do you know where it is?"

She knows for sure where the guns are I told myself and the goosebumps came back. Don't show her that you are scared, that show her that you are scared.

"Are you the boss's wife?" she asked me with kind voice.

Kind? Well maybe I am not going to die today after all.

"Yes I am" I said as I tried not to give off information that she didn't need to know.

"Do you know where he is?" I asked her, trying to hide my shaky hands.

Yes, I was still scared.

"He is in his office dear, do you want me to call him?" She said. 

"No it's ok I can go there by myself, thank you." I said and ran down stairs with the little energy that I had.

I got to the first floor and the darkness didn't bother me anymore. 

I needed to find him.

 I needed to find him so he could tell me that this women will not kill me when I sleep.

I kept on running, but with my bad luck I ran into a wall fell back on my butt. I looked up, and I just saw him, standing with furious eyes and looking down at me. I stood up as fast as I could and for some odd reason I felt the tears coming out of my eyes. His eyes were still furious, no change. 

How can he see a women cry and not hug her or whisper calming things to her ear? As well as horror movies, I read too many romance stories, and I know for a fact that it will become a problem later on in my life.

You can never expect too much from a guy.

The tears were still going down my hot cheeks but it didn't look like he cared. He suddenly moved around me and walked up the stairs. Oh no no no, he is not leaving me in the darkness alone, with my creepy thoughts and hot tears. Without even noticing, I was catching up with him as he walked up stairs.

"Who is that old women?" I asked while trying to hide the fear in my voice.

He ignored.

He kept on walking fast and I was behind him for the whole time, too scared to even look back. When he stopped next to a door, he turned around and said:

"I am going to go in this room and you are going to stay outside, like a good girl, and you are going to take the time to understand that I don't want this marriage. I don't want you in my life. Just stay away from me. Stay out of my life. Understood?"

With that, he opened the door and slammed it on my face when he closed it. 


Not only that I am freaking out because someone in the same house as me wants to kill me, I have the perfect husband! I am starting to think that an old man would be better than him. If he is not creepy, of course. 

What am I going to do now? I am not coming back to my room! What if she is waiting for me in my room with a knife ready to kill me? I am not going down stairs because it's all dark, so the only option is to.... And just like that I opened the door to his bedroom. 

Man, I am brave.

I saw him lying on his bed, looking at the ceiling. Well, I like looking at ceilings too. I stated to get closer to his bed, and I knew that he saw me. I was just lucky that it was dark because I didn't really want to see his reaction.

"Before you say anything, just so you know, I am not leaving this room until you tell me who she is!"

 Then he screamed:

"Do you not speak English? Because I think I said th.." I interrupted, as usual, and walked closer to his bed, trying to show that I am not scared of him at all. 

"Just fucking tell me who she is!" I yelled at him. He stood up from the bed and stood in front of me. So mush anger in his deep blue eyes. 

"My house keeper!" He yelled and I took a step back. 


His house keeper.

Well that explains a lot. 

"Don't yell at me!" I screamed. 

"Get out of this room before you regret it." He threaten, his fists clenched. 

"Say please." I lowered my voice and managed to put a smile on my face. 

"I am not saying please. Get out." 

"You just said please." My smiled got even bigger. 

The frustration that went through his whole body surprised me.

It was my first time seeing a guy getting so angry. 

"Get out!" He yelled again. 

"Ok ok." I gave up and left his room, with my teary eyes and wide smile.

Damn, he was a piece of work. 

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