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Lisa PoV

Lisa: 5.... 6..... 7.... 8

I watched as I see my dancers work.

Lisa: ok stop

Everyone stops. I was a little frustrated that they looked really lazy.

Lisa: you guys are supposed to be more dramatic with your dance moves you guys are being lazy let me show you.

I show them the moves with more dramatic effect.

Lisa: ok from the top

An hour later I was finished with my lesson. In a much better mood because everyone did great when they went though it then last time.

Now I was waiting for Jennie to come to my studio. It's time to ask her out on our first date. We've been dating officially for a mouth now and I can't keep pushing this first date any longer so I'm going to ask her.

I was on my phone waiting for Jennie. She texted me saying she'll be about 5 minutes and I'll happily wait for my nini to come.

Few minutes later I hear the door lock I look up to see my princess who was all smiley. I got up and greeted her with a kiss. When we pulled away.

Lisa: why are you so smiley today

Jennie blushed

Jennie: because of my beautiful girlfriend that I came here to see

Jennie gave me a gummy smile.

Jennie: you said you wanted to ask me something important.

I got really shy and nervous. Come on Lisa you can do it. I look into her beautiful brown orbs and my heart melted straight away.

Lisa: I wanted to ask you if you like to go to an art gallery with me.

Jennie smile just got bigger

Jennie: are we finally going on our first date

I nodded and Jennie just attacked me with kisses all over my face making me chuckle. I wrap my arms around her waist bringing her close to me.

Lisa: I'll take that as a yes you'll be coming.

Jennie nods at me placing a kiss on my lips.

Jennie: I'm so happy Lili

Lisa: I'm bringing a polaroid camera so we can take lots of pictures

Jennie hugs me tightly

Jennie: this is going to be the best first date ever.

Lisa: then we'll go to have dinner afterwards

Jennie: I'll have to tell my dad I'm going over to jisoos though and then Jisoo will take me to your place and wait till we come back.

I nod just like what we did when Rose and Jisoo went on there date they're going to be doing the same.

Lisa: how does Saturday sound around about 5 then I'll get us reservation at this small restaurant around about 7

Jennie nods

Jennie: sounds perfect lili

I swear the smile on both of our faces never left finally our first date is set.

( time skip )
Jennies PoV

It's Saturday and I'm getting ready for my date with Lisa. I told my dad I was going out for the day with Jisoo and I'll be home late and he obviously allowed me to go. Jisoo was already here waiting for me to get changed so we can go.

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