Chapter 1

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Ten years later…

            It’s hard to believe that everything changed for me just ten years ago. To me, it feels like an eternity. To the ward over each children’s home, aka orphanage, I’ve attended, ten years isn’t to discouraging for a kid being adopted. That was a lie but it wasn’t like I cared. It’s not like I wanted to be adopted in the first place.


If that man hadn’t almost hit me that night, there were two likely possibilities that could have happened. I could have died by the hands of the pack that attacked mine or from exposure to the winter. On the other hand, if I had managed to live and learned how to survive, I would have gone rogue, running from territory to territory trying to avoid Montana all together.


I didn’t mind being considered a rogue. Whether I was or not, I didn’t belong to a pack which made me, in turn, a rogue. Most packs kill rogues that stay on their land a long time. They don’t have very good reputation.


When I was first in Saint Mary’s Children’s Home, I wouldn’t talk to anyone. The women in charge of the place tried everything to get me to fit in and be comfortable but I was having it. Eventually my silence turned to anger and my temper was slowly becoming a problem. I would rebel against those in charge. I would throw tantrums. The older I got, the more I would start to bottle everything until it exploded or swallowed me whole leaving me spiraling into a depression.


Because of how much of a handful I was, I was switched from home to home. I think I have stayed in almost ten in the past six years but there could be more. I stopped keeping count after a while. Now I’m at the Children’s Home Society of Washington. It’s located in Seattle, a lifetime away from Montana.


I’ve been here for a little over two weeks and nothing much has changed. I keep to myself and most the kids leave me alone. Today was the home’s adoption day. Couples can come in and bond with the kids. After a few hours, if they want to adopt a kid then they can talk with one of the women in charge. If not, then they go on their merry way.

I had attended so many of these that I wasn’t even affected like some of the other kids. The newer or younger kids get all giddy about the prospects of getting a “mommy and daddy”. The facts were that not even half of them will be picked today.

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