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Warning: Attempt Of Rape

"Your Mine Now" Echoed in my mind as I fell to the floor. My nose burned from the chemicals that surrounded it.

??? POV

"He is mine now, there is nothing he can do to escape from me."

"I've been after him for years, but I had never been able to find him."

"I was sat in a coffee shop studying until I looked out the window and noticed him and someone walking together."

"I immediately looked down not wanting him to recognize me, out of pure luck he didn't."

"About and hour later his friend that he was walking with came in and was talking on the phone and said that Donghyuck was at practice and wasn't going to finish until another 3 hours." (a/n he was talking to the dreamies)

"That's when I decided that I was going to take back what was rightfully mine."

"I went started to pack up my stuff and I ran out into a nearby alley."

"I noticed Donghyuck walking towards the alley and grabbed him and putting a cloth over his mouth. Soon enough he was out cold"

"Your Mine Now"

2 hours later

"Ugh...where am I, what's going on?" Donghyuck groaned as he opened his eyes. He was in a small room that was dimly lit and laying on a mattress.

"Oh your awake my darling. Let's get down to business shall we?"

The person pinned Donghyuck down as he was not tied up because he didn't want to hurt him. His face was covered by a mask and he had a hoodie on so Donghyuck couldn't recognize him. He forced kisses on the younger boy and roughly grabbed his hair. He pulled up Donghyuck's shirt as kissed his tummy softly. The man started undo his belt.

Then he slowly made his way to Donghyuck's joggers and pulled them down but in a quick reaction Donghyuck kicked the person in the face making him bleed from the mask as the white mask had patches of red blood on it. The person fell black as he clenched his face. Donghyuck pulled up his trousers and quickly ran to the door but turned back the the guy and kicked him a couple times making him fall from his knees to his belly. He grabbed his things that where by front door and ran out.

Donghyuck POV

"What the fuck just happened to me."

"No no no no, did he juts try to r-rape me?!"

"Please this isn't happening again."

"Holy shit what am I gonna do, I can't tell Mark."

"He will probably hate me and think I am disgusting."

"I'm such a fucking disappointment."

"I deserve to fucking die, how could I cheat on Mark?"

"W-what if the guy tries to look for me again?"

"What if he ends up finding me?"

"What if I get killed?"

"Do you know what I'm just gonna leave it."

"It's not like Mark is gonna get suspicious."


"I'm just gonna go home and act like nothing happened."

"Well I'll try a-at least."

"Markie hyung, I'm home." Donghyuck said as he tried to act as if nothing had just happened.

"Hey my gorgeous princess, you was there for like 3 hours, did you practice well?" Mark said a he mad his way to the door and left a kiss on his cheek.

"Y-yes I did. Sorry I had lots track of the time. I'm really tired and I feel kinda sick so I'm going to sleep in the spare room so you don't get I'll." Donghyuck quickly said.

"Are you okay baby, you seem kinda upset and scared." Mark asked as he pulled him into a hug.

"I'm fine I promise, I'm going to go to bed I'm so tired."

"Okay baby I don't want to disturb you or anything so you just go do whatever you need to do if you need me just call me."

Donghyuck made his way to the spare room and changed into his nightwear.

"Good. He thought; he hasn't noticed anything."

Donghyuck POV

"Make sure he doesn't find out."

"What who are you?"

"Let's just say, I'm your "best friend", you will be glad to have me."

"This voice, what is it?"

"Why is it here?"

"To"protect" you."


a/n: Hewo peoplez ✨ there isn't really much for me to say but I just wanna put a warning that the next chapter will contain self harm so I would just like to point that out. One more thing is that I know that the part 3 or so chapters have not been very long but this is because I would prefer to write smaller chapters (600-1000 words) and update regularly instead or writing long chapters (1000+ words) and update very slowly. I hope you understand. Aldo hope you enjoyed this chapter bye xx

 Aldo hope you enjoyed this chapter bye xx

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