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The mess you made
Yu Zeyu Scenario

He's sweet, kind. But, he just doesn't know how to express his feelings.



Just forget him Yn. He doesn't deserve you. You'll find someone else better, c'mon! How about.... After school, we get Harajuku ice cream? And, lets show him not to mess with you because he'll regret it.

I saw the text from Kendal, I just sighed, I'm lucky to have a friend like her. Unlike Lia... She doesn't and wont and will never betray me.

I passed by Zeyu, he looked at me worried. Why the f would he be worried about me when he hurt me?!

I thought.

☆Zeyu's P.O.V☆

I made her like this... What have I done? I dont know why I would have done this... I just dont know who I really love...

Lia or Yn?

Im really confused with my heart, but all I really know is that... I love Yn.

And there goes Lia again... Pinning me into the lockers and kissing me infront of Yn and Kendal, I pushed Lia and she fell onto the floor.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! Don't you love me?!" Lia yelled at me...

♡ Yn's P.O.V ♡

I saw Lia pinning Zeyu on the lockers and kissing him infront of me and Kendal. I just looked down, trying to hold back my tears.

I thought he would kiss back, but instead, he pushed her.

'Why would he do that to the one he really loves?' I thought.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! Don't you love me?!" Lia yelled.

"Lets just leave..." I mumbled but ofc Kendal heard. "Yeah... you dont need him Yn, he doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone better." Kendal reassured. I just slightly nodded.


At lunch... someone grabbed me by my wrist.

'Who the fuck messes with m--'

I thought, really pissed because of Lia and Zeyu because of what they did.

I looked at the owner of the hand... it was the one and only Yu Zeyu.

"What the fuck do you wan--" I said, trying to act cold, I really wanted to cry, yank my hand away and ryn to Kendal but, I couldn't do anything because he pulled me closer to him and kissed me.

I pushed him aside.

"Why would you do that....?" I said.. I couldn't hold my tears in anymore and, thousands of tears started to run down my cheek.

"A-are you alright..?" He asked, I got pissed... Do I look alright?! "Do I look alright to you?! After what you did? Not even a 'sorry' came out of your mouth..." I said... I tried not to yell at him so much.

If only he knew I still loved him, until now... If only he knew what's running in my mind, he'd be in tears. If only he knew how I really felt...

He still held my wrist, we just stayed like this.

"Yn.... I just dont know how to express my feelings, but... all I really know is that, I really love you. I dont live Lia, nor anyone. My heart is not beating for someone else. My heart is beating for you. You only. You are my world. I'm really sorry for what I did Yn... I know you cant forgive me because I'm such a coward..."

He said, "Thats right" I said, quitely. "-But... i'll just wait until you fully recover from what I did and forgive me. I'm really sorry Yn.."

He said.


Few months later...

Zeyu's P.O.V

"So... anyone got plans later?" Mingrui asked, "Lets just watch Avengers Endgame." Shuyang suggested, "No!! Game of thrones~~" Xinlong said.

They were all suggesting and arguing about what movie to watch.

"Hey, how about you Zeyu?" Zihao asked, "Nahh.. I'll jyst wait.. And wait, and wait, and wai--" I got cut off..

"You dont have to ya know? I already forgave ypu since the day you admitted you were actually a coward."

I know that voice... Yn. My face turned red, and I faced the guys, they smirked at me.

I turned my back at them and faced Yn, I was surprised, she hugged me.

Yn P.O.V

"Jeez... You're so tall!!" I said... "Yepp... you never grew." He said, smirking at me. I looked at him and playfully hit him in the chest, "Hey!~ just because someone is shorter than you, doesn't mean you can call them short!! and I'm only 155 centimeters!! just because you're 160 cm doesn't mean you'll call me dat. 😐" I said.

"Yep, they're back together!!" Xinlong cheered.


Y'all already know what happened next, ofc, they got back together, Kendal agreed and was happy and also got together with Xinlong.

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The End


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