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Your POV

"C/N give back my pencil," I whisper-shouted at C/N.

She stuck her tongue out like a 4 year old replying, "Not a chance. This is what you get for not being here yesterday."

Currently, we are in history class and C/N has my pencil in her grasp. I'm trying to get it back quietly but C/N's not cooperating just cause she can't stop overreacting.

"Why did you have to leave me all alooooone? I was so bored the whole day and the dim-wits wouldn't leave me alone," C/N continued to complain to me.

Ok, so I was absent because I just wanted to take a mental break since school, sports, and my family life (and maybe C/N) are really making me feel not okay. But somebody took it way too personally.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here today but I'll make it up to you," I said smirking as an idea popped up in my head.

Her eyes went wide and turned into stars as she looked at me with excitement like a little kid would when receiving a gift, "Really?"

"Yeah. Come here," I motioned for her to come closer.

Thank god the class has started working on the group assignments so no one is paying attention to us. If anyone saw what I am about to do, it would definitely give off the wrong idea. Also, I don't want them to witness the beating I am about to receive from the kind lady next to me.

She quirked her head but came closer. I leaned in too and just as we were about to touch lips, I stole the pencil from C/N's grasp while her eyes were shut.

"Aha!" I yelled in victory.

C/N opened her eyes with surprise. Once she realized what happened she smacked me on the chest, her face turning bright red, "Y/N L/N!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!"

I started laughing as I grabbed her wrists to refrain her from throwing any more punches, "Calm down C/N. Don't worry I'll buy you ice cream after school."

She sat back down in her seat after roughly yanking her wrists away from me. She proceeded to huff like a child and crossed her arms, facing away from me, "You idiot. I'm still mad at you! It's not very nice to play with a girl's feelings like that. As a matter of fact, it's not very nice to play with anyone's feelings like that."

"Okay, okay I'm sorry. Can you please just look at me? I'll buy you ice cream for the rest of the week," I begged. Because not only is she my crush, but she's also my best friend and it would be a pain in the butt to be in a fight with her.

She glanced at me while I gave her my puppy dog face.

"Ughhh," she groaned, "Fine. But just cause I don't want to walk home by myself."

"Good." I said, "I don't know how I would survive school without you. Because again, there are idiots everywhere and even though you're one of them, at least you're actually funny and nice."

"Awww you're too cute," she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"H-hey, what was that for!" I asked as I felt my face growing warm.

Geez, she just made my heart rate speed up from one kiss on the cheek.

"Well, just finishing something you didn't have the guts to do," she replied nonchalantly as if she weren't blushing madly just a moment ago.

I rolled my eyes at her competitiveness, "Tch whatever C/N. You're lucky you're cute too. And don't worry I'll return the favor when we go get ice cream and I feel like trying your flavor."

She burst out in laughter at my attempt to be smooth. I swear this girl does things to me. *cue the sigh*

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