pretty girls (Veronica x fem! reader)

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The only good thing y/n could get out of this terrible party was a Coke, and maybe a good place to take a nap. But, alas, the only place that would let her sleep in peace was the bathroom, and even the bathroom was taken. So now, here she is, on the couch, downing her fifth can of coca cola. The caffeine would keep her up longer, and the need to stay at the party for F/N...

A puff of smoke made her turn her head to the right, seeing the one who blew it in her face. The boy saw her looking at him, and he put the joint in front of her, asking if she wanted a hit.

"Uhm No, no... Thank you," she looked away, her face turning red. Why would she ever smoke marijuana? She wasn't even supposed to be at a party like this. It wasn't against her morals, it was against her parents'. She didn't understand why she succumbed to the peer pressure her friend gave her earlier that week.

"You should totally come, Y/N," F/N laughed, "You haven't gotten some since your 16 birthday," your ecstatic friend leaned against you, trying to do who knows what.

"Stop being so graphic," you rolled your eyes. Mental note: don't make anymore friends. The ones you have is more than enough.

"Okay, then I'll be blunt. You haven't gotten any pussy-"

"Just shut up, alright?"

And you, being the horny teenager you where, reluctantly went to the party. You knew you probably weren't going to get laid, which was certainly disappointing. But then again, you weren't one to sleep around, only when you where desperate enough...

You crushed the can of coke with both your hands and set it lightly on the coffee table, not really caring what happened to it. Another puff of smoke blew in your face, and this time, instead of looking at the person, she swatted the smoke back into their face. Annoying little prick.

The next time you see F/N, you will not be happy. They forced you to come to the party, might you add, for no reason whatsoever, then abandons you to smoke weed and drink booze all night long. That's not what a friend is supposed to do, even if they are trying to get you a date for the senior prom.

You stood with an inward sigh that nobody could hear. You had lazily thrown your jacket on the arm of the couch and now it was missing, or maybe the alternative. You just misplaced it and overreacted for nothing.
Your actually hoping it's the ladder.

It could've just been on the arm of the couch like you left it, but nope. It's not on the floor, swept under the couch, behind the lamp, or anything. That means it was indeed, missing, and it was probably in someone's hands.

That didn't petrify you that much, in fact it was a very good thing, apart from the fact that someone could possibly steal it. Again, that hope for the ladder thing.

It took quite some time to get around the house, going up to each high and/or drunken teenager to ask where her leather jacket went. Some people didn't even answer you completely, and some didn't answer at all.

"Could you possibly know where a black leather jacket went? I need it," by now, you where standing outside, trying to fight the cold.

The girl looked up, observing you quite a bit, before finally saying something. "Yeah, I did. Is it yours?" Her short, brown locks fell in her hair a bit as she reached for the jacket that had been slung against the fence she leaned against.

"That's why I asked," you reached for the jacket, delicately taking it from the girl's hands. Your finger tips brushed against each other, it made you uncomfortable... In a good way. But still uncomfortable.

"Thank you..." You trailed off, not knowing her name. It's always good to thank people properly.

"Veronica," she licked her lips, shivering slightly from the cold air. You could faintly hear the inhabitants of the party splashing in the pool, and a bunch of other things. It distracted you, slightly, it was choatic.

"Thanks Veronica. See you around," you reluctantly slipped your jacket on, a voice nagging, no, begging you not to leave. You wanted to stay and talk to the pretty girl you had met, and get to know her a bit more. But you had to leave and get to the comfort of your bed, and you absolutely refused to fall asleep at a party. Maybe if you losed your jacket more often, you could meet more pretty girls.

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