Chapter Twenty-One

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Everything felt heavy. His eyelids, his head, his limbs. Percy went to extend his legs and arms when he felt the restraints. Something had his legs pinned to the chair he was sitting on and his arms were clasped together tightly behind his back. Percy fought to push his eyes open, squinting as he adjusted to the light.

Standing in front of him were Chiron, Jason Grace, Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Nico di Angelo, Will Solace, Annabeth Chase, and the dirty traitor Juliana Santos. "Welcome back, Percy." Juliana greeted. Percy smirked and rested back slightly, like he hadn't been drugged and kidnapped and was perfectly at ease. "Never thought you'd be the traitor, Santos. Here I stand corrected." Through the tough act, though, inside, Percy was breaking. Kronos has reprogrammed his Cleansing  so that he only cared about six people: Arabella, Andy, Asher, Juliana, Noah, and Rynn. Having one of those six people betray him- not only betray him, but turn him over to his enemies, hurt.

Percy looked down and saw the celestial bronze chains pinning his ankles to the chair. He looked over his shoulder and maneuvered his arms to see the celestial bronze chains there, too. "Well," he began, "this was rude. If you wanted to talk, you should've just said so. No need for restraints." Percy's gaze flickered amongst the people standing in front of him. "Percy, what happened to you?" Jason Grace questioned.

"Why would it matter to you? You don't matter to me." Percy smirked once again flicking his head so his hair moved out of his eyes. Jason seemed to deflate, Piper lightly grabbing his wrist and pulling him back slightly. "We need to keep you here as a ransom for a meeting with Kronos." Nico said. "Di Angelo! Why would you tell him?" Juliana shouted. "He needs to know his purpose." Nico stated simply. Percy let out a humorless laugh.

"Well, this has been a fantastic talk, but I really must be going." With a flick of his fingers, the chains around his ankles and wrists were unlocked, Percy stretching and standing to his feet. "Gods damnit, I forgot about that!" Juliana shouted at herself. All the other demigods made slightly frightened sounds.

"Santos?" Percy asked. Bravely, Juliana raised her head. "You know too much." With a snap of his fingers, Juliana's head snapped sideways, neck broken. Dead. The demigods screamed and huddled together. Percy didn't even flinch. He walked over to Juliana's body, hovering over it. "Say hi to Hell for me." Percy growled.

Percy brushed his hands off on his pants, stepping over Juliana's body and pushing past the demigods to get outside. He walked outside the Big House only to instantly freeze. Demigods completely surrounded the building, weapons pointed at Percy. Standing dead in the center were Reyna, Frank, and Hazel. "Perseus Jackson." Reyna bellowed. Percy gave a mock two-finger salute, saying, "'Sup?" Percy turned around to go back into the Big House and saw the demigods that saw him kill Juliana standing at the doorway, weapons pointed at him.

"Well. This is inconvenient." Percy said. He jumped into the air and without hesitation, vapor-traveled back to Kronos's Palace, Chiron's disappointed face clear in his mind.

"What the hell?!" Noah exclaimed as Percy appeared in front of him and Rynn. Percy instantly sunk to his knees, putting his face in his hands. It took Noah and Rynn a couple moments to realize he was crying. "Oh, Percy." Rynn comforted, crouching down and putting a hand on his shoulder. "What happened?" Noah asked. Realizing the problem at hand, Percy angrily wiped away his tears, standing to his feet and walking off to Kronos' office, sniffling along the way.

"Percy?" Rynn called, she and Noah jogging after him until they caught up. "What happened?" Noah repeated. "Juliana-motherfucking-Santos happened." Percy said through gritted teeth. "What- Where is she? Is she okay?!" Rynn cried. As Percy grabbed the doorknob to Kronos' office, he turned to Rynn and said softly, "No. She's not okay. I killed her." Then, he pushed open the door, leaving Noah and Rynn angry, sad, and confused.

Inside, Andy was talking with Kronos, Asher and Arabella standing by their sides. "Jackson?" Kronos asked. "Santos kidnapped me and brought me to Camp Half-Blood. Was probably gonna torture me for information. I killed her." Percy grumbled quickly, storming across the room and plunking himself down on Kronos' throne. "That's mine, Jackson." Kronos growled. "I wanna sit, so I'm gonna sit. Deal with it. I'm in no mood to answer to you." Percy spat back. Arabella stepped in between them, saying, "Alright, guys. We need no more infighting. Chill out with the alpha-male stuff." "Go back to what you said. You killed Juliana?" Andy asked.

Percy explained how Juliana drugged him and the whole fiasco of him being held at Camp Half-Blood and how it all went down. "This is...not good." Percy said after a heat or two of silence. "Well, yeah! Our best friend's dead and ended up being a traitor!" Rynn yelled angrily. "Don't yell at me." Percy's eyes darkened and a bold, gold glow surrounded his irises. Rynn stepped back quickly.

"Hey, hey, hey. Percy, calm down." Andy warned. Percy scoffed but did, indeed, calm down. "Why is it so bad? Besides...everything." Noah continued. "Juliana knew so much about us: about our organization, about our plans, about our location, about our strengths and weaknesses." Percy jumped off of Kronos' throne, waving his hands in sharp gestures in front of him. Juliana's flickering form appeared in front of him. "Memoriae." Percy muttered under his breath. Juliana's form went blank before disappearing. "What the hell did you do?!" Asher demanded. Percy looked back up at him.

"I wiped her memory. Now, she doesn't even know we exist."

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