Winged Pt. 2 (Tuffnut X Reader)

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Hiccup - night fury
Astrid - light fury
Fishlegs - dramlion
Snotlout - monstrous nightmare
Ruffnut - sand wraith
Tuffnut - sand wraith
You - moon fury (made-up species; can camouflage light all of the other furies; neutral scale color is dark silver with black and white speckles.)

⇧ I decided to edit the moon fury ⇧so that you all could get a sense for what one looks like

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⇧ I decided to edit the moon fury ⇧
so that you all could get a sense for what one looks like. ♡


"I'm pretty sure that's not what Hiccup meant, like at all," Snotlout told Ruff and Tuff, giving them a deadpan look.

"What are you talking about?" Ruff asked, "he said to be more productive.."

"So we're being more productive," Tuffnut finished with a nod of affirmation.

Snotlout rolled his eyes and growled in annoyance as he watched the two sand wraiths try to sculpt him out of wet sand and mud.

"Hey, hold still!" Ruffnut ordered.

You watched in amusement from a bit further back. Snotlout groaned and called to you, "(Y/n), little help here?"

"What do you want me to do?" You asked with a gurgle of a laugh, "just tell them you're done and leave."

"Are you insane? They'll hunt me down and toss me in the volcano or something," Snotlout argued, his scales beginning to flicker with flame.

Ruffnut walked over to him and peered into his face as if to access it for details. Then, she smiled, and assured with a mischievous look, "nah, we'd probably come up with something much more creative." She then licked the fire away from his cheek, causing the rest of him to relax and extinguish.

Tuff groaned, "ugh, get a room."

His sister glared at him, then pounced. However, in attacking the other sand wraith, Ruff accidentally destroyed the sand-mud scuplture. The two siblings frozen, the Tuff spoke in annoyance, "great, now we have to start all over."

Snotlout's eyes widened, "what?!" He looked around nervously for a moment, then shouted, "I am out of here!" The monstrous nightmare then took off, disappearing into the clouds.

"Hey, get your tail back here, mister!" Ruffnut yelled as she went after her mate.

You gurgled as you watched her fade into the sky as well. Then, you pranced over to Tuffnut, who was staring at the ruined work of art in sadness. "It looked really good," she told him, touching her wing to his.

Tuff gave you a smile, "thanks, (Y/n)." He nudged you lovingly with his shoulder, but you quickly pulled away. The sand wraith was completely covered in mud and sand. He huffed in sadness yet again when you stepped away from him.

You smiled at him and suggested, "how about a swim to wash you off? Then we can be as close as you want."

Tuffnut's smile returned. "Good idea; I have mud everywhere," he told you as if it weren't obvious enough, then hopped toward the ocean. You followed him excitedly and watched him slip into the water. He dove down deep, then broke through the surface with power, sending water droplets flying. You lifted a wing over your face to keep it from getting in your eyes.

"Oh yeah," Tuffnut shouted as he moved his wings in the water to make whirlpools, "tidal class, baby!"

You rolled your eyes, "are you finished yet?"

Cued by your words, Tuffnut flew out of the ocean. Once in the air, he spun a few times to dry himself off. You hissed as water speckled yours scales. You goaned and flew up beside him, speaking in annoyance, "you know I hate getting wet."

"Sorry, (Y/n)," Tuff responded with an innocent smile. You couldn't stay mad at that.

Suddenly, fire began to erupt in the clouds above them, followed by shouting. Tuffnut gurgled, "you think she'd gonna kill Snotlout?"

You sighed, looking up in amusement, "probably not; she said she wanted to be more creative, didn't she?"

Both of you laughed and flew back toward the main base. As you flew, Tuff let the tip of his wing rest over yours. You purred at the contact, giving him a loving gaze. Before long, you landed in sync at the dragon camp. Hiccup, who was sweeping piles of sand out of his den, shot Tuff with an irritated look. "What were you doing in my den?" He demanded, making his way over to Tuffnut.

"Uh.." Tuff began awkwardly, "being productive?" Hiccup's glare didn't fade. With a heaving sigh, Tuff explained, "we needed something really skinny to draw the details of Snotlout's sand sculpture! And your fake leg is like, the skinniest thing in the island."

Hiccup rolled his eyes and grumbled in annoyance, "where is it?"

"Uh....." Tuffnut trailed off, "I believe it's currently being used by my sister as a bludgeon for Snotlout."

"Oh Thor," Hiccup exclaimed before flying off to check on the monstrous nightmare.

You and Tuff watched him fly away. "He's not getting that leg back, is he," you observed.

Tuff chuckled as you nuzzled his side, "not a chance." He lowered his gaze to you. You sat at his side, eyes closed in bliss as you leaned against him. "(Y/n)?" He called for you attention.

You opened your eyes, meeting his gentle stare with a smile. "Yes?" You urged.

Without warning, Tuffnut gave your forehead a quick lick. Your eyes widened a bit in surprise. When he looked into your face again, he wore a dazed expression as if he'd been put under a spell. "You know that you're perfect, right?" He asked, then answered before you could, "'cause you are."

You were caught off guard by the sudden romantic tone in his voice. "Tuff.." You trailed off. You're heart leapt as his tail wrapped delicately around you, the fins at the end resting over your front paws. You smiled and did the same to him.

The two of you sat like this for a while in silence. Then, Tuff asked surprisingly casually, "what do you think a baby moon fury/sand wraith would look like?"

You're eyes widened once again. The thought of having a family with him one day warmed you from the inside out. And the fact that Tuffnut seemed excited about it as well made it all the better. You licked his cheek lovingly before responding with a happy sigh, "beautiful."

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