Chapter 1: Gotham's Best Bar

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Your P.O.V.
It was a year after Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman, died by an explosion at Wayne Manor. People have had their conspiracy theories on his demise: some say he died, some say he faked his death and retiring, some have even suggested he is still alive and using fear tech. You didn't care. Even though Gotham has been saved by Bruce on countless occasions, it has also left Gotham in ruin. You just wanted to be with your friends and enjoy Gotham for what it should be, another great place. But there are costumed freaks everywhere, so it's now just a real life comic book. You just wanted to stay at the bar, and not care about any of the numbnut villains who just wanted to kill Batman.

It was raining outside when you left the apartment, thankfully you had an umbrella. You were wearing a trenchcoat and a fedora as you walked outside. You saw someone else rushing out through the alley exit from the window. You didn't pay much attention to it as you walked towards the bar. The streets were nearly empty as you made your way inside the bar. Your buddies weren't gonna be here tonight but you just came here to here the Irish sing. Every Sunday there would be four Irishman who would drink so much that they'd sing. It was the only thing you came for on Sundays. You entered the bar and closed your umbrella outside. You batted your fedora, drying it, and took your trenchcoat off, rolling it up. You sat down a the nearest table and watched the Irishmen a the bar table, drinking away as usual. You ordered a water as you needed to be sober for tomorrow night. Not only were you visiting the bar, you worked here. Your services were always on Monday through Friday nights and Saturday afternoon for cleaning. Your buddies were usuals who came over on Fridays and maybe Mondays.

But on tonight's Irish drinking night, there was someone else who showed up. A woman dressed in a black leather coat with black exercise jeans on. She had short black hair, black nails, and green eyes. She also had a bike helmet held by her hand, it pressed against her right thigh as she walked up to the table behind you and sat down. You could tell she was stunning but you do have bad past experiences with girls so you didn't ask her anything. The Irish didn't even see her and started singing "Gather round ye lads and lassies set ye for a while, and hearken to me mournful tale about the Emerald Isles. Let's all raise our glasses high to friends and family gone, and lift our voices in another Irish drinking song." The guys around the bar were enjoying the singing and so were you. It was nice to see happy faces on Gotham. "What exactly is with them?" The woman behind you said, almost in a purring tone. You responded "The Irishmen always come in here on Sunday and sing." "Almost seems annoying." "It almost is, but, they're have a smile on their face. And you don't see many of those in this town." The woman got up and sat in front of you, she leaned on the table with her arms supporting her body. You were slightly nervous of how close she she was. She said "You seem nervous, never been around a woman before?" "N-not really. I have bad luck when it comes to women." You said, slightly stuttering. She leaned back in her seat as the Irishmen continued singing.

You said "You new around here?" "I've always lived in Gotham, but it's my first time in this bar." You shifted slightly and said "Well it is the best bar in Gotham, in my opinion." "Haven't had anything here yet. What do you recommend?" "Well, if you want vodka, Sea Breeze. Wine, Chianti. And for beer, Michocolada." She laughed and said "Good choices. I feel a Chianti would do nicely. I just hope I have enough." "If you don't I can help pay." "Are you sure?" "Yeah, don't worry bout it. After all, it'd be nice thing to do." She smiled as you headed to the bar table.

Selina's P.O.V.
'He seems nice' I thought. I wasn't really here to enjoy luxary, I was here for the safe they had in the back and some of their oldest wine. Good cash, easy grab. But now that I think about it, it has been lonely ever since...that night. Even though I just met him 'No Selina, get a grip on yourself. You can't just ask him out right away.' I thought. Well he visits the bar on Sundays, maybe he's here other days. He came back with the Chianti in hand. He handed the glass to me and sat down, 'He seems like a gentleman' I thought. He asked "I never got your name." "I never threw it." "Touché. I'm (F/N). (F/N) (L/N), and you are?" "Selina Kyle." "It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Kyle. Or is it Mrs. Kyle?" he asked. I said "There was a guy, but he's no longer in Gotham." "Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that." "It's alright. He didn't really want to go out with me." I said. He shifted himself in his seat, I asked "So you ever had a girlfriend or anything like that?" he immediately looked at me, almost confused, and said "I was kind of a loner in high school. But there was one girl, but I'd rather not talk about it." I understood and decided not to pressure it, which is not usual for me. I asked "So, you come here often." he laughed and said "I work here Monday to Saturday. I come Sunday to hear the Irishmen sing. Why do you ask?"

"I've been thinking of finding a good place to relax during the evening. And it would be nice to see a friendly face." "Are we friends? I mean, I just met you." he said. I said "Well, it would be nice to have a friend, right?" "Yeah, even though I have the worst luck with people." "Hey, it's okay. I tend to bring bad luck too, so who knows? Maybe two people with bad luck will have nothing but good luck." He looked down and pondered, almost as if he's had an offer like this before. He looked at me and said "If you're here tomorrow and actually like this place as a hangout, you might just have one new friend." "And you would have a nice person to be friends with (F/N)." I purred. He shivered a bit, it was kind of cold in here so I could understand. He said "Well, got a schedule to keep and I don't wanna be late for work tomorrow. I'll see you then, hopefully. You have a nice night Selina." "You too (F/N)." I said as he walked out. I had the location of the safe as we were talking, and it was dispensed early. This drop bar has a tight schedule, I'll loosen it for em. I drank the chianti and since (F/N) payed for it I left the tip, even though he most likely left one already. So next Sunday, maybe Saturday, would be when I snag the money. And knowing the people would be effective to when I can take it. So I guess I am coming back tomorrow, I just hope I won't be a regular.

Your P.O.V.
Selina was a nice woman, but since the bar got the money early she wasn't able to take it. You knew her the second she said her name: Selina Kyle, Catwoman. The guy she was talking about was Bruce Wayne, the reason she talked for so long was because she wanted the location of the safe. Shame she got the location of the wrong one. Your bar keeps two safes in there: one as a decoy with fake money, and one with the actual money. You knew her game, she didn't know yours. You were going play along, this time you'd be the cat and she'd be the mouse. You walked home as the moon rose and the light from the moon gleamed on the streets. You saw Two-Face thugs in front of you and your apartment was to your left, you instantly turned and they didn't bat an eye, they were petty thugs after all. You entered your apartment and looked at the time, 9:29 pm. "Great, now I got until tomorrow for me to construct a plan to catch Selina." you said to yourself, but then you thought 'But the real question is: should I bring her in?'

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