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The rest of the car ride to the airport was spent in silence. The two didn't sit together on the plane and they took separate cars once they landed in New York. To say it was awkward would be an understatement.

Rebecca had always moved around from place to place since she came to America, she had lived in Florida, Nashville and now L.A. She finally felt settled there. She had made friends that weren't in the industry and had her own life as Rebecca not Becky Lynch.

Now she was going to throw her life into chaos again and move to a state she barely knew, in a tiny town where she knew nobody but Colby and move into his home.. yes they were best friends, yes she agreed to marry him and yes she was going to help him raise Olivia to the best of her abilities but she couldn't help but want to keep just a little piece of what was becoming her old life.

The two got to the hotel separately and signed and took photos with fans that found out which hotel the company would be staying at before going in to check in at the front desk. After checking in and getting settled in their individual rooms they had to make their way down to one of the many huge conference rooms to get the schedule for the week.

As Rebecca walked in one door she saw Colby walking in the door on the opposite side of room. He smiled at her quickly and gave her wave before they had to meet and get their schedules.

"You two will be on the same media loops in the mornings" Stephanie explained as she handed them the papers "So call time in 5 in the morning.. so I'd say be down to the lobby by no later than 4:15" she stated and they both nodded

"Who else is with us?" Colby questioned

"Just you two on the early loop.. so you better learn to live with each other" she said with a laugh but she didn't know just how right she was with that remark

"Can we talk?" he asked turning to Rebecca and she nodded as she stayed silent

The two said their thank you's to Stephanie before walking out of the conference room and into the elevator. The ride up to the 15th floor where Rebecca's room was was extremely quiet.. they just stared at each other and the only sound came from the beeping of the elevator when it reached each floor.

"What?" Rebecca asked as she walked into her room and sat the schedule down on the nightstand

"You could be a little nicer" he said

"You are asking me to uproot my entire life!" She snapped "Don't you think I have already agreed to enough for you?"

"You could have said No!" He yelled over her "You could have said No.. simple as that" he shook his head "You were the one who spoke up, You were the one who told Olivia you were my wife.. I was going to introduce you as my best friend! You were the one who brought it on.. you made up the stories you told Robert and Nancy.. You made this believable.. not me.. all I did was ask.. you were the one who agreed to all of this" he said and as much as she hated to admit it.. he was right, she brought this onto herself.. she could have said no to him and walked away and left him to figure it out on his own but something in her wouldn't let him do it alone.. something in her wanted the experience of being a mother but she didn't want to give her career up in the middle of the hottest time and this was the perfect opportunity that landed in her lap..

"Fine" she said and crossed her arms across her chest "Fine.. I'll move to Iowa" she nodded

"Well that was easier than I thought it would be" he said with a laugh and she glared and him and he knew he better shut up before he got yelled at again

"This is going to be awkward as hell" she shook her head "Living with you" she added

"No it won't.. I've got a lot of room.. You can have the master bedroom and I'll take one of the extra rooms.. You'll have your own bathroom attached to the master.. it'll just be a living arrangement to make this work and make it believable.." he explained

"Just one more question.." she said and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow in anticipation "Have you bought anything for her yet?" she asked and he laughed

"No" he shook his head "I kinda need help with that one" he said embarrassed at the failure

"You picked a hell of a week to throw everybody into chaos" she said and he nodded

"We'll go shopping next week.. after this week is over" she said and he agreed

"I'm going to spend a lot of money huh?" he asked

"Well yes dear.. children are expensive" she laughed and sat down on the bed next to him

"I invited them.." he said quietly "I invited Robert and Nancy to bring Olivia to Mania on Sunday"

"What did they say?" she asked

"They were hesitant at first but they eventually agreed.. it may have had something to do with Olivia begging until they said yes"

"She is very determined" Rebecca nodded as she looked at him and he nodded "She got that from you" she added and he looked her in the eyes before he moved towards her.. their faces were inches apart and they just stared at each other in the eyes

"Are we about to do this?" he whispered and she stayed silent for a second before she nodded quickly and she felt his lips on hers. She stilled.. she was frozen before her brain kicked in and she realized what was actually happening and she reacted.. she kissed him back

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