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(okay btw there is a difference between a demon and a devil. So they both are two sperate mates)

(Octavius  Carmelo- Demon side: Vito)

I awoke from the floor groaning in pain. A agonizing ringing sound in my head. The side of my neck was burning. A growl ripped through me and all I saw was red. Vito was chanting "MATE," in my head. He took control of my body and leapt out of the room I was in. In a blur I was at one of the devils castles. He started climbing up the wall of the castle ignoring all the screaming from the guards below. He reached what he wanted and leapt through the window. It shattered into a million pieces glistening on the floor.

 "Mate," A girl whispered getting up from laying on the floor. 

 As Vito was reaching towards her the door to the room burst open.  "MINE," The devil roared. Vito shook with anger stalking towards him. We both started to circle each other. He swung first throwing me into a wall. I shot up and speared him to the ground piercing him with my horns. He groaned in pain but quickly started fighting back. Biting, kicking, and punching were one of the main things we did. I felt to weak at that point from using my telekinesis to throw many objects in the room at him.  

I noticed a shadow move towards the window. Shoving the devil out of the way I saw the girl. She looked at me and smiled. Before I could even blink she jumped out of the window. "M A T E," I screamed. The devil pushed me out of the window after her. "LUNA," He screamed. 

I jumped after them speeding through the streets and alley ways following her sent. I turned left into the forbidden forest. When I reached the end which lead into the forbidden waste land, her scent stopped. My heart was beating out of my chest and my body started shaking with sadness and anger.

 I was tackled to the floor by the devil. He started throwing me around. "IT'S YOUR FAULT SHE ESCAPED YOU FUCKING DEMON," He said screaming. "M I N E," He bellowed in pain and agony as he fell to the floor. I fell along with him. My eyes closed as I felt my mate slip out of hell. 

"I have failed." 

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