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"Leon, how would you describe your brother? When you were younger?

Gaige was sitting on his desk, curtain pushed aside, sunglasses on -The sun was bright as fuck and Gaige's head wasn't having it- window open, roll up between his lips. Maddie held Leon's hand, chewing on her lower lip as she watches and waits for her boyfriend to answer the seemingly easy question. Leon was staring at the hardwood floor, with all the scratches and marks from a childhood of roughhousing, but he lifted his head and sucked in his breath.

"He taught me to be who I am," A sly little smile pulled onto Leon's previously somber face, "Loud, out-going, confident. I didn't want a brother when my dad told me he was getting married, but Gaige...Gaige made everything okay. It feels like we got in trouble together the day we met," Leon was laughing, Gaige was keeping his stone face, "He's always been smart and caring, helping me on my homework or book reports. Always fighting for what he believes in. I've never felt closer to a person than Gaige. Everything between us. Through thick and thin. We're always there for each other. Not a secret. Until today, I guess," Gaige blew his smoke out the window, eyes squinting at the sun. 

Gaige could hear Adonis clearing his throat through the phone, "Maddie, how do you know Gaige?"

Maddie pushed a lock of hair that was previously on her cheek to behind her ear, "I've gone to school with the boys our entire life. We've practically been in the same class since kindergarten seeing as our town is as big as the mall of America," Maddie giggled at her own connection, Gaige shook his head and absentmindedly smiled,  "But I thought they were just two of the stupid boys. Especially Gaige because he was smart and liked to use it to his advantage. All these quick comebacks, and then he and Leon would do their complex and overrated handshake," Leon and Gaige share a look over Maddie's head, "I'd like to think me and Gaige have had our fair share of intellectually debates for quite some time. But I didn't get to know them until really the eighth grade. Because these boys are a package deal."

It was clear to everyone that Maddie was going to be the main talker of this interview and no one was going to object, "We all had the same P.E. period. And I just...I don't know...became close with them. Back then though, I knew Gaige when he would crack jokes with Leon all day long and I was constantly surrounded by dick and 'that's what she said' jokes. That was awful. But I was able to look past their hormones and bond with these boys and they became my best friends. By freshman year we were inseparable-"

Leon had been staring at the floor, at his dirty white converses, until Maddie said that exact sentence. Then his head bobbed up, with a cruel and sad smile twisted on his lips, "The Three Amigos. We were infamous. We are infamous."

Gaige scuffed, smoke sputtering from his mouth, but his scuff was counterbalanced by his own little grin. He was one of the infamous Three Amigos. No denying that.

There was even faint laughing from the cellphone in the chair.

"If someone wanted to find one of us, they'd go to the other two. High school was a good time, I thought for us. But it was towards the middle of freshman year Gaige began to get more quiet, more stone face, questioning of morals. It's like...we had Leon, the funny class clown, Gaige didn't see the point in being like that anymore," From lighthearted, the conversation was driven dark, Maddie getting quiet as she spoke, playing with Leon's fingers. Gaige put out his blunt in his window frame, "Like he was observing everyone around him, and trying to pick the best parts to become if he wanted to become the most liked. Mysterious, cunning, athletic, but he was changing. We were losing the Gaige from middle school into someone else."

Gaige didn't have his Juul in his pocket like he usually did, and it felt wrong to get up and get it. But Gaige was feeling restless, he needed something to hold in his hand. Something to distract him. 

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