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    "KLAUS? ARE YOU alright?" Carl asked worryingly. Klaus shrugged, pushing past him so he stood in between Carl and Diego. Klaus threw the blue bundled rope at Diego and Carl, only for Diego to catch it due to Carl's terrible hand-eye coordination.

"You know, last time I was sober was that roaring good time when those freaks had me tied up in the motel room." Klaus said. Carl finally got it now, Klaus wanted them to tie him up– so he could get sober again.

"Wow. You are one twisted bonehead." Diego commented.

"Why? You're the one who's always like Klaus, you need to get sober, bro." Klaus said.

"There's definitely better ways to get sober– Klaus. Like I don't know– maybe a rehab center?" Carl suggested, but he had a feeling Klaus was not going to give this one up.

"Done that. Over it. It just wasn't for me, ya know? I need someone to take away my options." Klaus pleaded once again, and as Carl weighed the decision– Diego had already agreed to it.

"Seriously Diego? Klaus. Are you sure you want to do this?" Carl asked, stepping closer to Klaus. Klaus only nodded, motioning both Diego and Carl to follow him. And they did– but Carl grew more worried as they approached the room.

It was a cold room, making Carl hold his arms in front of his chest, trying to keep himself warm with his own body heat. "I hate this room." Diego comments. Carl murmured along, agreeing in hushed words.

Carl held Klaus down into the seat, in case he tried to do anything irrational last minute. Diego circled around Klaus, tying him up in the chair with the rope as he went. "Oh, it got me high enough. I picked it clean of anything of value after Daddy kicked the bucket. That's it, tighter and higher!" Klaus shouted. Diego stopped, a stupid scrowl on his face. He yanked the rope, rocking the chair as he did so. The rope tightened around Klaus's body.

"Are you sure your okay, Klaus? You can always back out of this ya know? Before it's too late?" Carl asked once again.

"Yeah! Yeah! I'm great! Totally, amazing! Ooh– ahh!" Klaus continued making indescribable noises.

Diego commented on the noises, "If I see a boner, I'm out." Causing Carl to laugh. Klaus chuckled along as well, obviously amused by Diego's deadpan tone of voice.

"End of the world and you wanna get sober all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong man. Good by you. But I'd think you wanna pop every pill on the planet." Diego said.

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