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The brothers seemed to become closer to each other in the days that followed. Now that everything was clear between them, they could better focus on the matter at hand: escape. An opportunity presented itself sooner than Louis had anticipated...

"Nicolas," Louis whispered urgently, nudging his brother awake. His heart raced. It couldn't have been more than two or three o'clock in the morning. They didn't have much time. "Nicolas, we have to leave now!" 

Nico looked up groggily, annoyed at being awoken. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion when he processed what Louis had said. "Louis... we can't leave. There are guys standing guard all over the place, we wouldn't make it ten feet past the door."

"I know," Louis nodded, "and I've been thinking about that, but we have no time, I'll have to tell you on the way. Come on." He grabbed his brother's arm, but Nico held back.

"Louis, wait! Why now? And what don't we have time for?"

Louis inhaled shakily and glanced cautiously around before lowering his tone and saying, "I contacted the police."

Nico's eyes bulged and he sat bolt upright in his bed. "Louis, are you insane? Why on earth would you do that?!"

Louis scoffed, "Besides the obvious?" 

"Okay, fine," Nico agreed, "but I still think that's one of the stupidest things you could have done! If Demon finds out–"

"He won't," Louis interjected hastily, "which is why we're leaving now." Nico was still waiting for a better explanation. Louis finally sighed, keeping his voice quiet. "Listen, I overheard some of the guys talking last night. Apparently, Demon isn't your 'average crime boss'."

Nico snorted. "I could've told you that. What's your point?" 

"Demon has been in correspondence with some guy in Iraq and has been dealing weapons with him for several months, it seems. As soon as I heard, I knew we couldn't stay here any longer. Ronny was manning the door and I was able to bribe him into letting me out. I contacted the cops and they're going to be here any minute, so we have to leave now!"

"What an interesting story, Louis." The brothers' blood ran cold as a shadow fell across their doorway. 

"D-Demon," Louis gasped, his knees threatening to buckle out of fright from just seeing the man. Beads of sweat almost instantly appeared on his brow and his hands shook visibly. There was no lying his way out of this one. They'd been caught, and now they would pay for it with their lives. 

"You know, I always liked you, Louis," Demon said slowly, his voice deep and grating, as he stepped fully into the room. Two of his men entered as well and moved to stand behind the brothers. "I never took you for a backstabber. But I guess it only proves that you can't trust anyone in this world, not even the best of people." Only now did Louis see the gun in the man's hand, and the sight of it made his stomach turn. But he forced himself to swallow his fear and stand up straight. Nico had stood the moment Demon had set foot into the room, and now Louis stepped in front of him protectively. He clenched his jaw, glaring daggers at the gang leader.

"Do what you want to me, just let my brother go. He had nothing to do with this." 

"No, Louis!" Nico moved to stand beside his brother. His fear nearly crippled him, but he wouldn't allow Louis to die alone. He would stand with him until the end, which seemed very close all of a sudden. 

Demon laughed sickeningly with a shake of his tattooed head. "You really think you're brave, don't you? We'll see how brave you are when you feel the hot lead burning in your body." Before either of the brothers could react, Demon raised his gun and fired. The sound was deafening and it shook Nico to the core. He had hardly registered what had happened when he heard Louis gasp, his eyes wide. 

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