Chapter 50

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"Dude are you fucking joking?" Sawyer groans.

He's throwing a tantrum because I'm headed to Ryan's place, again. Sawyer has convinced himself that Ryan isn't loyal and she uses people while they're convenient but he doesn't know her like I do. He's only met her a handful of times so he can just keep his judgmental opinion to himself.

I roll my eyes at him. "No, I'm not fucking joking. I forgot Dawson's toolbox at her place."

He gives me his 'you're an idiot' look. "How convenient."

So I may have left it there again on purpose, just so I had an excuse to go see her for the third day in a row. Fucking sue me.

"Look bro, are you my girlfriend now?" I ask and Olivia laughs. "You're always on my ass and yet I'm not getting any ass, where's the benefits of this relationship?"

I give him a smirk and he glares at me.

"Fuck off." He growls.

I chuckle. "I'm trying bro, you're the one bitching about me leaving."

"No, I think you're fucking stupid for following that girl around like a lost puppy."

I sigh in exasperation and look at Olivia. "Make the dude come so he can relax for a fucking second." I throw my hands up. "I'm out."

I grab my keys off the bar and leave. Sawyer is so fucking high strung over this, it's insane. Damn, he acts like I just whined and cried for half a year while she was gone. He knows I was in my father's office Monday through Friday from sunrise to sunset. I didn't fuck around, I worked my ass off all summer.

Did I miss her? Hell yeah I did, how could I not? But she needed to heal and that's what kept me moving. It's also what kept me from being a total creep and showing up at her Dads house unannounced.

Hopefully Ryan's home because I didn't text her to let her know I was coming beforehand, which is probably something I should have done. I knock on her door and wait.


I knock again.


Just as I go to grab my phone from my pocket I hear the lock turn and Ryan pulls the door open.

"Ho—ly fuck." I groan quietly at the sight of her.

She's all wet and soapy, wrapped in a towel like a birthday present just for me. My birthday isn't until the middle of October but I'm always down for an early present. Drops of water drip from her hairline down her face, over those luscious lips of hers. Damn, the things I'd do to chase that liquid path with my tongue.

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