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Sonora circled the parking lot behind her sister's office, hoping her parents came back here for her, but on her second pass through she gave up. Sonora parked the car in a spot right by the entrance. Ten minutes. Ten more minutes, and I'll hunt them down. She looked toward the beach wishing she could see it from here. I hope Ian isn't already there waiting for us. He'll be worried this took so long.

Sonora turned on the radio and leaned back in her seat determined not to worry about what she couldn't control. But when the ten minutes went by, her nerves were stretched tighter no matter what song was on the radio.

Sonora straightened in her seat and pulled out the tight curl she'd spun in her hair, then started the car and pulled out onto the road. As she headed to the main library where her parents should be she reassured herself everything would be okay in spite of the frown that refused to leave her face.

When Sonora reached the main library, she circled its parking lot and drove around the block, but didn't see her dad's car anyway. She huffed out a breath. Now what?

Sonora swung into a spot close to the door, in full sun with no murky alley anywhere. Maybe someone inside had seen her parents or her sister or both.

When Sonora walked into the library, the hushed atmosphere enveloped and calmed her. Libraries had always been a favorite place of hers, and Sonora took a moment to draw in the scent of the books, both old and new.

Sonora walked straight to the front desk, ignoring any temptation to browse as she scanned the room. I wonder what Antlantis' library is like? Surely they had some kind of library.

A young librarian lifted her head as Sonora came closer "Can I help you?"

Sonora smiled at her. "Yes, my parents should have just been here looking for my sister. Now I am looking for all of them."

The librarian chuckled. "Yes, they were here. They and your sister flew out of here a little bit ago."

"Okay, thank you." She walked away distracted. A bit ago? Why hadn't they made it back to her?

Once Sonora was back in her car, she pulled out her cell phone. A voice message notification showed on the screen. Why didn't it beep? This old phone is always a problem!

Sonora pushed the alert. It was her mother, and she sounded anxious. "Sonora, honey, we made it back and you aren't here. Where are you?" Sonora could hear her father speaking in the background, then her mother talking with him. Azurine spoke into her cell phone again. "Dad talked to a police officer that was here. He said you're okay. We have Sierra. We are meeting up with Bruce at their home so they can get a few items they want to take. Dad says do not come to their house, it's downtown and there rumors there are more of the sick people there. He is adamant. Do not go downtown. He is already freaking out that you're alone. He says meet us at--"The message stopped. Sonora pulled the phone from her ear and watched it die. What? No! I just charged it! Sonora banged it lightly on the steering wheel, then took out the battery and put it back in. Nothing.

Sonora frantically searched through her glove box for a charger on the off chance there would be one. She groaned in frustration. A new phone had been on her 'to buy' list for a while, but she didn't have the money. Sonora let her head bounce on the headrest. She shot a glance at the library.

Sonora raced back up to the library doors. She rushed up to the desk and asked the same librarian, "Can I use your phone?"

The young librarian frowned. "Well, we really aren't--"

"It's an emergency."

The librarian looked at Sonora, doubt written over her face.

"It really is," Sonora said. "Really."

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