Trust Pt. 2 (Dagur X Neha)

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After RTTE

"Your going to love it there, Neha, trust me," Dagur explained as he flew Sleuther between Windsheer and Ustara. "Just ask Heather, she was nervous to come home at first, too, weren't you sis?"

Heather rolled her eyes but agreed, "yeah, I was. But the people are really nice. Well, as nice as vikings can be."

Neha smiled in amusement. Talking to the siblings helped her feel a bit less weary, but she was still quite nervous to be in a completly new place, surrounded by strangers. At least Dagur would be there. She knew that he wouldn't make her go through anything uncomfortable.

And she was right. Upon arriving, they put their dragons in the stables to rest, then Heather left to meet with her Berserker friends. Dagur offered in a somewhat awkward tone, "so, uh, how about a tour?"

Neha smiled and came to stand beside him. Latching onto his scarred bicep, she responded sweetly, "please." Then the two of them walked off.

It wasn't long before they made it to the village. The people who were working outside were just as intrigued by her as Dagur was when he first met her. But even though she was different from them, they still smiled. Neha felt much more comfortable than she'd expected she would. It wasn't until she began to pick up on a few murmurs that her face grew red.

"Is that Dagur with a girl?" "I've never seen anyone with skin like that before." "What an odd woman for Dagur to bring home." But one comment stood out amongst the others, "what is that supposed to be?"

Dagur came to an immediate hault. His face grew deadly serious as he looked around for the speaker of this comment. He spotted a man his age talking with a few other vikings. "What did you say?" He demanded.

Neha felt smaller and smaller as the man approached and explained his reasoning. "I mean no disrespect to my Chief, but look at her," he gestured to Neha with a frown on his face, "what kind of person has skin like that? There must be something wrong."

Neha looked down in shame. Seeing this, Dagur turned back to the man with a menacing look, "then perhaps you should take a vacation to Berk. Because there are quite a lot of people with 'skin like that,' and there is absolutely, positively, nothing wrong with her!" Many of the villagers were watching now. Dagur cleared his throat and tried to calm his tone, "maybe it's you who has the problem. After all, it takes one awful snake of a man to make a woman feel bad about how she looks."

The man's face twisted into fear and regret, "I-I-I--"

"You? You what?" Dagur asked in a mocking voice. The man opened his mouth to speak again, but Dagur shouted in his face, "NO." He then turned away with Neha and quickly led her out of the main village.

Dagur took Neha to Heather's hut. "You'll be staying here for now, Heather already said it was okay," he told her with a sigh, "I'm so sorry about earlier, I guess I didn't think about how different you are from everyone else here. They're just not used to you yet."

"It's okay," Neha responded with a weak smile, "not the first time I've dealt with something like that."

To her surprise, Dagur pulled her into a firm hug. "People can be so ignorant," he muttered in frustration. The sun had set and the only light came from the few torches that were lit for those still out and about.

When Dagur looked down at Neha, he smiled, weak at the way she looked in the faint light of moon and fire. Her eyes looked almost completely black in the dim light, and her dark skin glistened with warmth. The obsidian black hair that fell in layers around her head was tossled on the top. So with one of his hands, he smoothed it back into place. However, Dagur didn't put the arm back around her. Instead, his hand rested on her cheek.

His smile widened as he sighed, "your so..beautiful..." He paused for a moment before added, "inside and out. Everything about you is just..amazing. If anyone ever says otherwise, they're wrong..." Dagur trailed off as he noticed Neha leaning forward in anticipation of what was to come.

Finally, he closed the distance between them. His lips landed right on Neha's, making her heart soar. She closed her eyes and held his body tighter against hers. Feelings of love flowed between them, and it felt as if two magnets had been reunited.

Dagur pressed one hand gently at her lower back, while the other held her jaw so carefully. He felt Neha lead in deepening the kiss, opening her lips against his. Butterflies stormed through his middle as he gladly let the moment build. They only pulled away from each other when the door to the hut opened.

With wide eyes, Neha whipped her head to the side, seeing Heather with a look of awe on her face. The poor woman looked frozen for a moment, her hand still holding the door half-way open. She stared at her brother and Neha with raised eyebrows and big green eyes.

Dagur let go of Neha and scratched the back of his neck, redness rising in his face. Her laughed nervously, "heh, hey sis.."

Heather shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to rid her mind if the images she witnessed. "Please be less public next time, brother," she sighed, finally smiling in amusement.

Neha felt heat rage in her cheeks and chest, hiding her eyes from both siblings in shyness.

"I'm going to go get some water," Heather informed as she slid past thr couple. As she walked away she looked back with a sly grin, "think you can wrap things up before I get back?" Then she was gone.

Looking into Dagur's eyes once again, Neha couldn't hold back a laugh. He laughed as well, pulling her into another right hug. Dagur then sighed, "I should probably leave before Heather returns."

Neha smiled in amusement and met his gaze. "Probably," she agreed. She then leaned forward once again, placing her lips onto his. It was sweet and carefree, making them feel as if the world had disappeared. But eventually, it had to end. Neha went to sleep that night with a warmth in her heart. And Dagur could swear he'd never felt such a feeling as pleasant as that which he felt for her.

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