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Nick: hey guys! Welcome to the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show! We are joined here today with a very very handsome group of people. They went away for a while then came back, two of them are dating. Can you guess who it is?... oh who am i kidding you know who it is. ITS ONE DIRECTION EVERYBODY!!

Louis: oi oiIiii!!

Nick *choking on laughter*: so. Thats louis. How are you tommo?

Louis: good thanks nick you.

Nick: yeah im good thanks for asking. Shall we talk.

Liam *joking*: thats all youve been doing.

Nick: your right. But for the questions. Lest start with... ZAYN! Why in the name of simon would you wanted to have left these boys forever?

Zayn *giggling at something louis said*: huh? i dont know really i just thought i needed a break. From everything as it was a bit too much for me at the time. But i do 100% regret it.

Nick: who brought you back to the band.. who was the one that you was like "yes i will come back. For you"

Zayn: louis.

Louis: guilty.
*niall laughs hard*

Harry: i was on a bus.....

Zayn: yeah louis he brought me back. He asked and what brought me back was him saying that him and harry would come out if i did and now look.

Nick: so its Tommos that brought you back and you who brought them out.

Zayn: yeah you can see it like that

Harry: but he is notthe cause of our happiness!

Nick: i got that. And on the subject of happiness, thank you harry, louis do you know what im going to say?

Louis: i think i know what your going to say.

Nick: you sure you know?

Louis: im sure im sure i know.

Nick: 🎶your having his baby🎶

Niall: 🎶and its his business🎶

Louis *giggling*: yes i am and no its not going to be called nicky!

Nick: its a missed opportunity. Soo. Baby. How did it come about?

Louis: well harry did try this at first. But it didnt work, so before we went to Hawaii we got talking about it. But you can only do it once so i stepped up to do it.

Nick: the best story i have ever heard so so cute. I honstly hope it works out.

Louis: so do i because if it dont ive been going through pain for 3 fooking months.

Nick: 3 MONTHS and my producers looking at me so mind your language.

Louis: shi- sorry *laughing* i forgot.

Nick: its fine *laughing* harry was it a surprise to you because i know you lot and tommo isnt one to stand up to something like this.

Harry: no. It wasnt really and om.... i.. know louis.. for who he is with me.. and i know he would stick up to this.... and i know he will keep doing it perfectly.

Nick: and harry you said somthing abkut a bus?

Harry: oh no... i forgot now...
*louis and niall and nick laughing*

Nick: oh ok. So that all we have time for today sorry for those who want to keep them here. Because, louis looks drowsyand needs to sleep, so im ganna let them go. Did you lot wanna introduce the new song.

Louis: no not really.

Liam: we'll let you do it nick

Niall: go ahead

Nick: wow yay! Ok this is one directions new song "wish we stayed" now on Radio 1.

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