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Wish I have more time to write more of Sinister, but oh well, here goes.

Finally able to type a note without using italics at the end of chapters, lol.

So, here I am, after the (mustn't be pleasant) amateurish ending of mine. It's terribly abrupt, and I beg to God that one day, I still can revise it from the (utterly) horrendous state it is in, to a more polished and professional state.

Trust me, I'm still learning to craft a satisfying ending without weddings, engagements, sibling hugs, love confessions, the-villain's-death, etc. Not meant to offend anyone by any means :)

This is my very first time finishing a book, writing a last chapter (fifteen, to say the least. My record is always five-six, just so you know), writing an author's chapter like this, and feel this sense of accomplishment people are said to experience after their final chapters.

I understand that, especially in the last several chapters, I write roughly (and hastily). I wholeheartedly accept critics, however harsh, uncensored, or blatant that is. Let me know my wrongs and where I lack in, people.

As a new writer, I'm terribly grateful for the amount of supports I've received in this book (very first completed one, hope you don't mind me bragging it often, lol). If only I can thank you people in more ways than dedications, I'll be more than happy too.

For those ungrateful for Sinister's 'terrible' finishing and dangling ending, do read on:

1. I plan on doing a major edit after April. This is another busy month though ONC's ended, so bear with me. This is your chance to shower me with more incredulities, criticisms, feedback, and anything else. It can also mean a change in the ending.

2. One of the most popular questions ever unleashed in Wattpad world: do you think I need a sequel for this story? Like, so many things are unexplained, like Raiden's parents, the onyx's legend, etc. Or should I put all of them here during editing?

(I'll do the most chosen option, so, please let me know!)

Like I said, this is my first experience in writing, also my second year here in Wattpad. I need more lessons to learn from the more experienced ones here.

3. Since I'm currently at the 20k-ish word count, there's a chance I'll lengthen this novella into 40k (the maximum tolerance of a novella). So possibly more chapters, like my intention before I rushed to finish this (I hoped like, what, 30?)

That's all, I guess, for now. If you've read this far, man, you don't know how proud I am for you. I'm literally doing an online applause for you now!

Thank you for reading so far, commenting, or voting, or sparing your mind to muse over the items I've mentioned above. If there's any chance I can repay you, I'll love to do it. Maybe by reading your books and be another support? :)

Have a lovely day/night, wherever you are.

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