The Happiest Honeymoon On Earth

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Sorry it has been taken awhile for me to update. I’ve just been busy with other stuff but anyway here is the honeymoon chapter and I hope you enjoy it <3


                The day after our wedding, Ashley woke me up super early. He knows I’m not a morning person. “Ashley it’s fucking 8am. Why did you wake me up so early?” I asked him. “Hurry up and pack clothes for two days. I have a surprise for you.” He replied. I grabbed my suitcase and packed as much as I could. I quickly got dressed and headed to the car. When we got to the car, Ashley put a blindfold on me. “What the hell? Ashley take this thing off of me right now.” I said in a tired angry voice. “Just relax. I’ll take it off when we reach our destination.” Ashley said as we drove off.  A few moments later, I felt the car stop, and I felt Ashley open my door. When he led me in front of the car and took my blindfold off, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. “DISNEYLAND?! OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS ASHLEY?!” I asked him wide-eyed. “Yes. I know you haven’t been in awhile so were spending the day at Disneyland and tomorrow we are going to Disney California Adventure.” Ashley said smiling. We got our stuff and checked into the hotel and unpacked.

                After we unpacked, we headed over to Downtown Disney to take the monorail into Disneyland, which was about a three minute trip. When we got into the park, we got a map and planned out our day. We went on Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, It’s A Small World, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, The Matterhorn, and Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin. When we headed to Tomorrowland, I knew what I wanted to do. “Babe let’s go watch Captain EO then go on Space Mountain.” I suggested. “Sure that’s fine with me.” Ashley smiled at me. Captain EO was amazing as always, and Space Mountain was so much fun. Ashley and I walked around a bit and I got some Minnie Mouse ears and we got matching leather bracelets made. Mine said Ashley and his said Stella. We got on some more rides and then headed to Main Street to watch the fireworks. As the fireworks started, Ashley had his arms around me and we were both smiling. Being at Disneyland with my new husband made me feel like a little kid again. We were laughing, running around and taking lots of pictures and making memories that would last us a lifetime. We headed back to the hotel after Disneyland had closed and we were so tired. We changed into our pajamas and headed off to bed.

                The next day, we had breakfast in one of the restaurants in Downtown Disney and headed over to Disney California Adventure. I liked being there because there was so much to take in. The first ride we went on was California Screamin’. That was one of the best roller coasters I have ever been on in my life. Ashley looked like he was having a good time himself. He gave me a piggyback ride as we made our way to Mickey’s Fun Wheel. It was one of the biggest ferris wheels I have ever been on and the view was amazing. When we got to the top, we took a picture and Ashley posted it on Twitter and I made it my profile picture on Facebook.  We stayed till the park closed and then made our way back to the room to go get changed for dinner. Afterwards, we headed to Rainforest Café, which is one of my favorite places to eat at. Dinner went well and we even got to watch the fireworks before we headed back to the room. “I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day here. I don’t want to leave.” I said as I laid there smiling at him. “I know me neither. Hey why don’t we spend another day at Disneyland before we leave?”Ashley asked me. “Yeah I don’t mind doing that at all.”I said kissing his nose before I fell asleep.

                The next day we checked out of the hotel and packed our stuff in the car before we headed over to Disneyland to spend our last day there. When we got inside the park, we went on rides, took pictures, and I got Becca and Meaghan matching Minnie ears so they wouldn’t feel left out. As watched the fireworks, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky and how grateful I was to be in the position that I am now. After Disneyland closed, we made our way to the car, I stopped Ashley because I had something to say to him. “Ashley I can’t thank you more than enough for this. I wasn’t expecting this at all and for you to do this for our honeymoon means the world to me.” I said hugging him. “You’re welcome. You have supported me the whole time we were together and even though I did you wrong and you could have never taken me back, you did and I’m so grateful and lucky to have you as my wife.” Ashley said giving me a kiss. We got in the car and headed back home. We had lots to tell the others about our trip and we still had alot to do to start our new life as a married couple. We got home about 1:30 am, and I texted Becca to let her know that we had made it back home and that her and the others should come over tomorrow.

Thanks to one of my best friends and fellow Wattpadder baileyburiedalive22 for the honeymoon idea and thanks to everybody for reading. Do you guys think the next chapter should be the last one or should chapter 16 be the last one? Let me know guys and check out my other stories! XOXO, Kristan 

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