Chapter-19 (e)

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Chapter-19: Information and  Ariana The Basilisk.

Next morning came early for Selene and grudgingly she woke up as she is needed to inform her family about the latest development. So she completed her ablutions and went to Severus quarters and said password "Aconite" and entered inside to see Severus making a potion.

"Good morning Uncle Sev."

"Good morning Rose, what are you doing this early here?"

"Uncle Sev, I wanted to share some information with family can you floo them over here?" Selene asked him and Severus nodded his head in approval and moved towards floo and in next ten minutes, everyone came and settled themselves in Severus and Remus personal rooms which were provided by castle without Albus knowing.

"What is it that you wanted to inform us Pup?" Sirius asked.

"Papa yesterday night I had a chat with someone who revealed few facts which will come as shock for Wizarding world," Selene replied and everyone was on edge to listen about that.

"Who was that Rose?" Arcturus asked.

"Grandfather I had chat with Lord Salazar Slytherin." She informed them and everyone was quite shocked for some time then she pulled her memory of the conversation with Slytherin and everyone saw what is happening with Selene's translation to English as they had a conversation in Parseltongue.l

#Greetingssss My Lord.# Selene said and Salazar was shocked and happy to meet someone fro. His family after a long time.

#Greetingssss Young Heiress can I assume that you're of my bloodline.# Salazar asked her.

#Yes My Lord I'm the granddaughter of your last living heir Tom Marvolo Gaunt# Selene replied.

#Introduce yourself Heiress and call me Grandfather#

From there Selene said about everything she has been through to the last petrifying incident which made Salazar quite furious on headmaster, staff and students.

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