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prepare your hearts—nah, i'm just kidding :P

Confessing before winter break probably is he worst thing to do. Renjun groaned, why would you confess before the winter break?!

"Why are you not dressed up yet?" Jaemin entered his room only to see that Renjun was still lying down on his bed while his eyes closed.

"Huh? Are we supposed to go somewhere?" Renjun asked, finally sitting down.

Jaemin rolled his eyes and grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it at Renjun. "Pabo! Donghyuck told us last night that we'll be going to Mark-hyung and Taeyong-hyung's house today. We're supposed to buy the ingredients for the food we'll eat at midnight." He stomped his foot.

"Oh, right..." Renjun sighed and stood up. "I'll be down in a few minutes." Jaemin left his room.

He went towards his own walk-in closet and grabbed a sweater and black pants. He put it on and grabbed his phone and wallet that was resting on the table beside his bed.

He went downstairs, only to see that his friends were already ready, and he was the only one missing.

"Let's go~" Jeno said, leading the way outside the dorm.

"Mark won't be coming with us. He's still asleep. Probably drained last night since he was busy writing some songs again." Taeyong sighed and stood up. "Who'll be going with me?" He asked.

Renjun, Jaemin and Haechan raised their hands.

Taeyong nodded, "Arasseo." He turned towards he rest who won't be coming with them. "Make sure to lock the door, okay? And don't do anything stupid!" He warned.

Jisung laughed, "Yes, hyung~"

"We'll be going now." Taeyong and the others bid goodnye.

They watch Taeyong's car disappear from their sight. Once the coast was all clear, Jisung immediately faced his hyungs. "Ningning likes Renjun-hyung." He said.

Chenle scoffed. "We all know that. Try harder." He rolled his eyes.

"Renjun-hyung likes Ningning too." Jisung said.

"What?!" Chenle exclaimed.

Jeno laughed and patted the younger's back. "We just knew it last week, because he confessed to her." He said.

"Double what?! How come I didn't know about that?!" Chenle's eyes widened.

Jisung snorted, "That's what you get for leaving the dorm." He said and sat on the couch.

"Was it my fault?!" Chenle retorted.

"You guys should chill." Jeno said, trying to calm the two youngest before they would actually fight. "What we're supposed to do now is to help the two of them."

"Help? You mean getting information?" Chenle raised a brow.

"No!" Jeno said, defending himself. "Jisung-ah, do you still have the letters Ningning gave you?" He asked.

Jisung nodded, "They're all inside my drawer."

"Why are you not giving it to Renjun-hyung?" Chenle asked.

"Ningning told me to keep it for a while. She wants him to read every single one of them." Jisung said. "Sounds impossible but what can we do? That person just loves him so much." He said.

Jeno sighed, "So far, how many letters are there?"

Jisung rubbed his chin, "If I didn't lose count, I think there are already 16." He said.

"She really didn't stop. Unbelievable." Chenle said.

"What are you guys talking about?"

They all turned their heads towards the direction of the stairs. They saw Mark rubbing his eyes, and he looked like he was really tired.

"Oh, good morning, Mark-hyung." They greeted.

Mark went towards them and sat on the couch across Chenle and Jisung. "Good morning to you guys, too." He yawned. "As I was saying, what were you guys talking about?"

"It's about Renjun and Ningning..." Jeno said.

"Oh right..." Mark nodded, remembering something. "When they arrived at the gymnasium, they were holding hands."

"Jinjja?" Jisung asked.

Mark nodded, "Renjun also looked happy, I don't know why."


"Injoonie..." Taeyong called the younger who was walking beside him while pushing the grocery cart.

"Yes, hyung?" Renjun asked.

"Jisung told me that you confessed to Ningning. Is it true?" He asked, getting a can of soda. He looked at the you ger upon hearing a groan. "Why? What happened?"

Renjun crouch down to touch his foot. "The cart's wheel rolled over my foot." He said, wincing in pain.

Taeyong just chuckled, "Don't worry, we'll put some compress later on." He sighed, "Back to what I was saying, did you? Or did you not?"

"Yeah, I did! I did!" Renjun scoffed. "Why is everyone making such a big deal out of it? It's not like I should broadcast it to everyone I know." He said.

"Well it is a big deal, Renjun. You've never liked someone before. Never." Taeyong told him, emphasizing the word 'never'.

Renjun raised a brow, "And? What does that have to do with me liking Ningning?"

"Because, my dongsaeng..." He pated the younger's shoulder. "We already knew that you liked her even before you realized it yourself."

"W-What?" Renjun asked.

Taeyong sighed. "You were too obvious." He laughed. "You're usually a bright person, and we noticed that every time she's around, you look ten times happier." He smiled.

Renjun just smiled.

They were heading towards the meat section, where Haechan and Jaemin are in right now.

"Then? What happened?" Taeyong asked.

Renjun took a deep breath before answering, "She didn't answer, hyung." He smiled sadly. "But it's okay, I can wait."

Taeyong ruffled the younger's hair, "That's our Renjun." He smiled before swinging his arm around the younger's shoulder.

i honestly don't know what i'm writing anymore

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