Chapter 1

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"Frank you're not the only one getting the lucks tonight," Lola shouted from the across the table which causes Frank to show his devilish smile giving a sign that he heard her for the sounds filling in on the unholy grounds within the casino.

They say it to be the castle that offers the home of drunks and horny men and women come to live the high life of the beasts.

That includes Lola a saint looking girl seeking the fun of the night not wanting to have the provoked life of lame ass people no disrespect she just wants to live her life the way she sees fit not what others tell her to do from the very young ages ago. This is a tale that she herself doesn't understand, but she is not one to give up learning from the past that is.

Lola grew up with no parents, abandoned at a very young, that one love and care of a parent she never receives. She was living, a life full of loneliness the walls of the orphanage being her friend. She's always wondering if she was vowed with bad luck, no one wanted to be close to her one look at her they said no.

The head convince the couples but it was always no, she was never once chosen to be happy not once in her life. She was drowned in her loneliness fed up of herself and even curse hated words on herself never once thinking of happiness-seeking her, for being so weak at age 9 she was in the depression state not once looking for friendship from none of these kids she gave up even being close to anyone, seeing that she was considered a bad influence from all the years being there.

One night she was ship out at age 16 moving to the place where kids her age work to make a living she worked her ass off but wasn't paid but she was also fed up with that causing her to run away as soon as she was 18 meeting frank on the lonely cold night. To make it short frank has been her only friend and guardian she was finally happy.

Trust issues were the main cause of her non-involvement in a relationships she didn't trust anyone but herself and Frank she just enjoyed life being free.

"Hey Lola you know I'm the lucks as always" her laughter was heard as he flows out his cockiness, he always knows how to make the smile appear this lovable jerk.

"Shut it dumb ass", the playfulness leaking through as she smack his head, while the rolling of the dices causes everyone to be silent "Come on mama needs a new vibrator" everyone look at the woman as if she is joking some men found her words interesting might picture the unspeakable in their minds, she gave them all disgusting looks not interested with what they have in mind. "Not fucking interested" she said holding up her hand as the guy beside her gets closer.

Ignoring the guy she watch her game, "Fuck yeah" she shouted all heads on her again but she didn't care she finally got a six, she smiles like a kid that just got approved for candy,

Fists pumping the air she proves to be more of a tomboy "That's my girl take a bow", Frank embarrassing as ever praised her playfully knowing he would be drunk as a bat in the night nor remembering a thing in the morning. She took up the money on the table making her way towards the door" I'll take my leave ladies and gents", she said with a wave to the now pack table, no one dares to say a word as she made her way out dragging a Frank behind her. She knew this big lump is drunk off his ass.
They stood in the front waiting on Frank's car " Lola I'm not drunk at all, all I need is a drink" he slurs over his words I personal enjoy his drunken state "If you want a major headache in the morning I suggest no" he frowns his cute expression almost wanting her to make him drink, she pulled his ass in his car as she spot it coming he was seriously making his way to the bar as soon as she release him, he was unbelievable but also funny.

Making their way home on a quiet night the neighborhood being silent as ever and oh so peaceful it was a poor neighborhood, but the apartments were in good conditions Lola was okay and grateful to even have a home. She look to see if Frank is Okay, a small smile make it to her face the big lump beside her fell asleep.

Stopping at the front of the newly painted house. Feeling proud of herself knowing she did a good job to surprise Frank left glee in her tummy.

pushing the front door open Lola pulls Frank in the house slightly balancing his weight on hers. "What in the heavens did you eat" she huffs as she tucks him gently in his bed.

Today was the celebration of his 33 birthday she's glad it was a sucess he's happy and she's happy sadly no one will see this happiness only this lovable bastard.


Thank you guys for giving my book a chance


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