The real problem

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When M'gann went back to the tent, she saw a problem. The red orb was bigger, and J'ohn was losing. She raced towards them, not willing to let Psimon win. Nightwing could only watch from the sidelines, as he was still blocked off. He kept trying to break the barrier, but it did nothing.

Or it seemed like it did nothing. M'gann could see Psimon struggling to keep fighting, even without her. He had to concentrate to keep Dick out. M'gann decided to attack the wall as well. Within seconds, it crashed down and Nightwing was able to get in. He raced towards the Martians, happy to finally get in. M'gann had helped restore some memories, but he still needed to get Psimon out.

What Nightwing could see, and the Martians couldn't, was the chains connecting the orb to his mind. He knew he wouldn't be able to destroy them, but J'ohn or M'gann could. "M'gann, I have an idea!" Nightwing shouted. Luckily, Psimon wasn't paying attention.

M'gann flew over to him. "I can see a couple chains. Don't know how, don't know why. But I think the chains are what's keeping the orb in place. Shoot where I tell you, and we may be able to break it." M'gann nodded. It was a start.

Nightwing pointed to the top chain. "There. Right on top of the orb." M'gann fired a small blast, and was surprised when it hit something. When it broke, the chain became visible. "Nice! Alright, one just to the left." Another blast, another snapped chain.

By now, Psimon had figured out what was going on. "I will not have my work destroyed!" He shouted before firing something at them. Nightwing tackled M'gann, knocking her out of the way.

"C'mon. Two more chains, and they're gone. Directly underneath the orb." Nightwing pulled her to her feet again. She fired a larger blast, and moved once it left her hand. She couldn't let Psimon catch her off guard again.

"The last one is directly to the right, almost like a part two to the one on the left." He explained, watching Psimon. M'gann shot a blast similar to her first one, very small. The chain burst, and the orb shrunk.

"No!" Psimon shouted. He pushed everything back, knocking M'gann and J'ohn to the ground while slamming Dick into the pole and pinning him there. "I took two years to create that, and I will not have a couple of lowlife Martians break it!"

Nightwing slid his hand towards his belt. He pulled out a small pellet and threw it. It landed in front of Psimon and started letting out a foam of some sort. He was quickly encased. Dick, M'gann, and J'ohn all leapt to their feet. "I had no idea that would work." Nightwing remarked.

"We must hurry. That foam will not hold for long." J'ohn urged them. "I can't do anything. I'll watch the foam and tell you if it changes." Nightwing turned his back to them. "The biggest blast you can imagine, M'gann. We need to get rid of it, and make sure it's gone."

M'gann nodded. Dick's mind was amazing as it was, but she needed to fix it further. She needed to get Psimon out. She opened her hands, and another orb appeared in her hands. Slowly, it grew and grew, until she could barely hold it. "Now!" J'ohn shouted, throwing his at the sphere. M'gann followed, and the orb shattered.

They were about to celebrate when a shout of pain came from behind them. Nightwing was doubled over, holding his head. M'gann rushed over to his side. "Breathe. It hurts, yes, but you need to breathe. That's the only way to get them back smoothly." She whispered as she ran her fingers through his hair in an attempt to calm him down. J'ohn put this hands on Dick's shoulders.

After what felt like hours, Nightwing could breathe normally, and the pain was gone. "Dick, where were you the three years you were gone?" J'ohn asked. Dick paled. "With the Light."

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