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A/N: This is what Jisoo and Rose will be wearing in this chapter.

A/N: This is what Jisoo and Rose will be wearing in this chapter

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Jennie PoV

It's Wednesday which means Jisoo and Rose are going on there date. I'm so excited for her because Jisoo is really nervous.  I'm at Jisoo house helping her get ready.

She comes out in an outfit. I looked at it for a second.

Jennie: no change it wear something that will make her want to kiss you. I always wear something that will make Lisa rip my clothes off.

I say with a smile Jisoo goes back in her closet.

Few minutes later she comes back out with a better outfit.

Jennie: that's the one chu

I clap and smile In excitement I'm so proud of my work.

Jisoo: you don't think it's to much.

I shake my head

Jennie: your going for dinner after Jisoo and this is the perfect outfit.

Jisoo nods her head while looking at herself in the mirror.

Jisoo: what are you going to be doing you told your dad your coming home later.

Jennie: your going to take me with you and leave me with Lisa and when you take Rose back home your going to take me and take me back home to.

Jisoo nods

Jisoo: does Lisa know your coming

I raise my eyebrow

Jennie: does she need to know, I'm her girlfriend I can go see her whenever I want.

Jisoo raises her hands up in defence

Jisoo: okay I was just saying Miss Kim

I chuckled

Jennie: she should be at home helping Rose for your date

Jisoo: that sounds about right

Jennie: now text your future girlfriend and tell her your on your way

Jisoo: I'm already on it

Lisa's PoV 

I was eating popcorn while walking to Roses room because she called me.

Lisa: what's the matter now

I look at Rose and she was all dressed up.

Rose: is this ok for my date with Jisoo

Oh date I almost forgot she was going out with Jisoo today

Lisa: yeah you look really pretty

I say while my face is still stuffed with popcorn

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