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"It's about your friend, Courtney." As soon as those words leave his pale pink lips my blood runs cold and my heart starts to beat out of my chest. I sit there, stunned, and wide-eyed, not knowing what to say. After a few minutes of sitting there like a vegetable I find my voice. "Wha-what about her? Is she okay?" I try to ask as calm as possible.

Harry answers immediately. "Yes, she's okay. My good friend Niall has her." He smiles and pats my thigh, Niall? Who's Niall? "Niall, is he a vampire as well?" My breathing has gone back to normal by now and my heart rate has slowed down a bit. "Yes, indeed he is." I tense at his answer, Harry seems to notice because he quickly says, "No need to worry. Niall is a 'vegetarian' like me. He won't hurt her, especially since he has taken quite a liking to her."

"You mean a vampire has a crush on my friend so he kidnapped her?" I try to make sense of what I'm being told. "Well you see, as I was watching you Niall was watching Courtney. We had both seen you two girls walking and followed you to your apartment. I'm sorry, you must think I'm a lunatic." He explains. Lunatic? Of course I think you're a lunatic! I think you're a freaking madman! "It's just all so..weird." I decide the other part wouldn't be such a great idea to say.

He nods and stands, reaching his hand down for me to grab. "Would you like to see her?"

"Of course!" I grab his hand and he pulls me off the couch. "Come, we need to take my car." I follow him out of the house and into the driveway where a black hummer stands before me. "Get in." Harry opens the passenger door for me and then closes once I sit inside. I do my belt and patiently wait for Harry to start the car.

A few minutes later were flying down a dirt road, nothing but trees and grass to be seen for miles. I began to think back to my life before all of this happened. I was so content, I was an author working on my second book, I had friends, family, living in my dream place, freedom. But of course, all good things have to come to an end. And then I phone! Where was my phone?

"Uhm Harry?" I clear my throat, we haven't talked the entire ride. "Yes?" His accent is thick. "Do you have any idea where my phone might be?" I know he wouldn't be dumb enough to give it to me, but I ask anyway. "You think I would give you your phone? I'm not that stupid! You would call the cops if you had the chance. It's hidden, you'll never find it." He's right, I would call the cops. Or at least someone to help me escape.

I stay silent for the rest of the ride and so does Harry. A tension filling the air. I am so nervous to meet another vampire. What if he can't control his hunger like Harry? What if I accidentally cut myself on something and Niall goes crazy and rips out my throat?

I push away the horrid thoughts as Harry opens my door and I step out into the cool California evening. "Here we are." Harry links our arms and guides me to the big house a few feet away. Surrounding the house is a bird bath, and woods. The house is big, but not as big as Harry's, and looks to be over a hundred years old. "Are you nervous?" He asks as we reach the front door, before he rings the doorbell.

"Just a little." I gulp and he then removes his arm from mine and rubs soothing circles on the small of my back. I look at him and he gives me a sympathetic smile. "You'll be okay, it'll all be okay." The door opens with a creak revealing a tall blonde boy with blue eyes, he's certainly handsome. "Hello, Harry." Niall says, I can tell from his accent that he's not British like Harry but..Irish?

He turns to me and flashes me a gorgeous smile. "Hello, you must be Skye. I'm Niall." He reaches his hand and I gently take it in mine, shaking it. His skin is as cold as Harry's, but I didn't expect it to be any different. "Hello." I respond once my hand is back at my side. "Come in, come in. Courtney's been asking about you." Niall moves to the side so we can enter. I don't pay attention to the inside of the house as I am both nervous and anxious to see Courtney.

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