the one where it's super embarrassing

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Saturday night. Felix was hosting.
As everyone gathered around his basement, they chatted casually before Woojin asked Felix what he'd planned for that night. His face went blank. He'd completely forgotten. In a panic, he swept his hair out of his face and turned to look at everyone.

"Usually we pretty much just watch movies, and we always have to watch cartoons because we can't scar Jeongjin with horror movies," he rolled his eyes as he continued, "So I figured tonight we can all decide on something together, that way everyone gets a say and then we take a vote for whatever we end up doing." He smiled nervously as everyone looked at him silently. No one said anything for several minutes, so they decided to eat snacks while they all thought of what they'd do.

At some point, someone turned on the TV, flipping through channels until they landed on a tacky romance movie. Though almost no one would admit it, everyone was invested in the storyline. No one noticed as Jisung stepped out and went upstairs to the kitchen to find more snacks. Once more, no one noticed when Minho followed him.

Seungmin tried not to laugh as he wiped away Hyunjin's tears. "They..." he sniffled. "They loved each other so much and the entire world was against them and they still fought to be together. It's like us, Minnie."

"Our parents literally forced us into going on a date after we'd only been friends for six months or so," Seungmin said, "We're nothing like them. He literally got hit by a bus for her. Oh! And another difference is that people won't throw trash at that couple just for walking through the park together."

Chan sat up quickly. "Who the hell threw trash at you two?! I swear to God I'll—"

Hyunjin interrupted him. "It was one time, Minnie. And we don't even know if they threw it because we're gay. For all we know, they threw trash to scare us away because we were making them jealous and insecure because we're too cute together." He ended his statement with a smile and a kiss to the top of Seungmin's head before ruffling his hair.

The group hung out a while longer just watching cheesy rom-coms. That is, until they heard a loud thud and a string of profanities as Jisung hit his elbow on the door handle while trying to sneak back into the basement. He was wearing a hoodie that he hadn't been when he left, his hair was messy, and his eyes looked tired, like he'd been crying. The whole thing made everyone suspicious.

"Hey, squirrel," Changbin began, "Where did you go? You missed the whole movie."

Jisung laughed as he nervously scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah, sorry. I was busy— uh... doing stuff." He cast his gaze to the ground awkwardly as he pulled on his hoodie strings.

"I'm 'stuff'," Minho purred, wrapping an arm around Jisung's waist. He hadn't even bothered to try to make himself look presentable. His hair was a complete mess, and his t-shirt hung loosely off his shoulder, revealing several red and purple marks. He slowly reached up and pulled on the neckline of Jisung's hoodie, revealing similar marks as he laughed and Jisung shrieked, losing all composure. Minho wore his marks proudly as he sauntered into the room and jumped onto the couch, beckoning Jisung to come sit with him.

Seungmin groaned, practically throwing himself into Hyunjin's lap. "Jinnie, why aren't we that cute and confident?"

With a gentle boop on Seungmin's nose, Hyunjin responded, "Because, doll, you get embarrassed very easily. If you were confident in addition to everything else you've got, I don't think even God could stop you."

Felix ruined the tense atmosphere by making exaggerated fake gagging sounds. "Sorry, I–" another fake retch. "I'm lactose intolerant, and you guys are so disgustingly cheesy. Get out of my house before I die." Chan picked up Jeongin, who was asleep, and he and Woojin carried him out to the car. Seungmin and Hyunjin walked back to Hyunjin's house, which was just down the street. Before Minho and Jisung had a chance to leave, Felix grabbed their wrists and scowled.

"I don't know what the hell happened tonight, and I very much don't want to, but you morons have to clean up. I'll take care of the basement, and y'all can get... wherever you were hanging out tonight." He shuddered as the pair walked up the stairs.

He spun around quickly and faceplanted into Changbin's chest. He laughed nervously as he said, "Our friends are annoying, right?"

The raven haired boy didn't say anything, just pulled Felix into a hug as he began to sob.

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