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Again,lmao, I didn't proofread this and it shows. Anyways enjoy and thanks for reading and voting. Enjoy the roller coaster of emotions that is this story
I awoke at my house again,overcome by loneliness once more that I suffered before David. I understand I made a mistake but punishing me to loneliness was unbearable.

He hasn't answered my texts which I understand because I know how it hurts to watch something like that. My eyes were accustomed to my darkened room thanks to the curtains I pulled closer. I just didn't want to be aware of any life sources while facing these harsh feelings.

Jeff comforted me for a few minutes at David's  and explained he was there to pick up his wallet he had left the night before and prompted the mistake to happen.
I don't even remember electricity when I kissed Jeff and I don't think any amount of sessions of kisses will ever give me the amount David gives me when he kisses my cheek softly.

My eyes were puffy from last night and I sniffed constantly. It was as if any little thing that reminded me of David made me bawl my eyes out.
"Hello? Mrs. Y/N?",I heard a knock on my door that was opened suddenly. Blanca must've heard me sobbing my eyes out last night. I didn't have the guts to tell her but she did try and at least get something out of me. Jonathan tried too but I wasn't ready to face the truth that my marriage was over before it was even an official marriage.

"Hey,"I greeted the frowning woman. She looked already disappointed in my decisions even if she hadn't a clue what they were. My red eyes were enough to inform her that I fell victim to my own emotions.

"What's wrong?",she cooed out as she made her way to my bed.
I laughed silently to myself and wiped a tear that almost escaped,"Nothing,Blanca. Just some issues."

"Oh. Oh,"she hugged me tightly and I smelled the scent of her perfume that slightly reminded me of David's sweet cologne. I tried my best to escape her grasp to not cry anymore and I couldn't help imagine her hold on me to become David's.

It was a weird feeling but I tried to ignore David's figure and focus on the motherly love I was getting.

"Do not worry. Everything will come out the way everything is meant to turn out."

I tried holding my tears and sobs and sniffed in response.
"You'll be okay. And if you're not..then I kill the boy with my own two hands,huh?"
I sighed and squeezed my eyes shut, I was so frustrated that she knew who I was crying over.

She shook me in her arms to tell me she was kidding and I laughed into her chest. I apologized for staining her shirt with my tears and she wrapped my blue blanket around my shoulders and gave me a smile before disappearing.


Natalie was on her laptop,doing god knows what David makes her do:Buy plane tickets, researching animal sanctuaries, finding potential vlogging ideas and places.
This time David wanted her to do a different job.

"Nat,Can I ask you for something? And it's okay if you say no. But don't cause I'm your boss,"David smiled warmly at her.
He tried stressing to everyone that everything was alright but everyone was pretty suspicious when Y/N wasn't brought up by him or not chilling in his house.

"What do you want?",she said not looking up. Natalie herself was a bit worried about David since he locked himself in his room (normal behavior) but didn't bother to make sure Natalie was on task and having spare vlog ideas(abnormal).

When she pressed him,he told her the whole story from his point of view but Natalie couldn't help but feel sympathy for Y/N. What if she was right? What if it was an honest mistake and there was just miscommunication?

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