Forgiving and Moving In

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"I'm coming!" Rebecca shouted as the third knock came at the door. Swinging it open, she saw Tobin standing there. Sighing she crossed her arms over her chest and popped her hip out, "What?"

"Can I please come in?" He pleaded with her. Rebecca rolled her eyes in annoyance but, walked away leaving the door open. Taking that as his cue he walked through and closed the door behind him. He followed her to the couch and sat on the opposite end than her. He looked her over. Taking in her body language. She was pissed and while he understood that he knew that she was still open to being his friend because she had let him in. "Will you let me at least explain?" He asked her wanting to confirm that she would hear him out before he started in on what he had to say.

"You have five minutes," she unfolded his arms and started picking at her fingernails. Tobin smiled she did this when she felt vulnerable. That meant that she didn't want to lose their friendship either.

"Okay listen I know that this is all really weird and different. And I know that you are pissed because you feel like I lied and I did in a way and I am sorry for that. But you have to understand at least a little. I grew up with this just being what I know. My father has worked for Vincent's father since he got out of college basically," he watched Rebecca's face for any sign of what she was thinking but she just looked like she was listening and thinking. "Growing up like that, I was always told that if I told anyone that they would be in danger. I couldn't do that to you or Joni or Ros." He looked down and sighed. "I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you. The night in the club when Dom was picked for you to kiss. I tried to steer you in a different direction. I hated lying that's why I left that lunch that was sure to turn into an interrogation by Joni, the other day." Tobin knew that he didn't really have a great excuse for lying to his friends other than their safety but he hoped she would forgive him.

Rebecca took in what Tobin said to her and realized it made sense. She looked up at him with sad eyes. She was sad because Tobin felt like he needed to protect her and as much as she should be thankful, she was hurt that he didn't think she could take care of herself. Even so, she knew that she forgave him. She still wanted some answers though. "Have you ever killed anyone? Do you do drugs? Do you like, get into all the clubs in town and know everyone at them? Is this life why you haven't settled down and you are always flirting with all those hoes? Wait are they like a part of all that? Like you know, hookers or whatever?" She rambled off all the questions she had in her head. When she had asked them all she realized that Tobin was laughing loudly at her. She watched as he grabbed his stomach and bent over trying to catch his breath. She started tapping her foot and waited for him to stop laughing.

Tobin wiped a tear that had fallen from his laughter and tried to compose himself. "I'm sorry but, you need to chill. Maybe watching less tv would be a good idea for you too," he smiled at her. Rebecca rolled her eyes. "But, to answer your questions... I have never killed anyone. I am trained and a great hot though, at least at paper targets... at the gun range. I don't do drugs. Never have. Never will. I don't get into clubs and I don't know anyone of any importance besides you and the girls. I don't settle down because even though I don't want to I know once she finds out about this she will run probably. And I don't know any hookers," he stopped to review her questions in his head hoping that answered all of them. When he was sure he had, he continued, "honestly I am just an accountant. My father may be close to Vincent's and him and I do know of each other but we aren't besties there are no hair braiding sleepovers. I will take over for my father as he will for him but, I don't do all the Mafia stuff."

Rebecca smiles. "Okay, I forgive you. But you are on probation," she says pointedly at him. Tobin nods his head he knows that he will have to be honest with her from here on out. "Are you hungry?" she asks him getting up and heading to the kitchen. She started looking through the cupboards and refrigerator.

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