A Final Fight

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James took Loki by the hand as they sprinted through the woods. Loki could feel the grass and trees cut her skin as she sprinted by, holding onto the man in front of her just as hard as he held on. They sprinted they entire way, adrenaline taking over. As they reached the group, Brooks was pointing a gun at them in case it was a creature but he released his tension when he knew it was just them. They finally slowed down and James shouted, "Don't shoot!"

Brooks lowered his weapon fully, looking between the two at their connected hands. "Conrad," he said loudly. "Which way are we going?"

"You Four need to go back to the boat," he said, releasing Loki and she tried her best to catch her breath. "It's that way," he said, pointing behind the group ahead of them. "Wait for me till dawn. If I'm not back by then, just go."

"Where are you going?" Hank asked, looking at James.

Loki furrowed her brows confused. "To save Kong."

"Not without me pal," he said, lifting his gun and sheathing his sword.

James nodded and Brooks and San began collecting their things, moving away to go to the boat. James turned and began walking, Hank behind him him as they moved to saved Kong.

Loki stood still, looking after James and she bit her lip. She needed to at least say something, and if he would let her come, at least he knew how she had felt. "Now wait a second," Loki said, stepping forward making him look back at her. She looked into his eyes. "I can't speak for everyone, but I'm not going anywhere."

"Miss Loki Anderson, this isn't about just Kong. I can't risk you in this."

She looked up at him. "James Conrad, you told me to stay close to you, no matter what. I'm with you."

James had a pained expression. "Loki... I can't guarantee your safety."

"Please, tell me when you could," she said, stepping forward. "I know you can't... I knew you couldn't. You know... we... you... you know, I'll just speak for myself... we make a good team... it works." It was in this moment that his expression softened. "Unless I am mistaken..."

Her discouraged expression made a small smile come to his face. "It works," he whispered.

"There comes a time when we all must sacrifice something, James," she said, looking at him and stepping closer. "It's not about me. I've lost everything against my will, James. This is the moment that I get to choose. And you're not letting me choose if I lose you... give me the choice."

"Okay..." He whispered. "For the record, I'm not ready to lose you."

"We never are," she said, looking up at him. He was now in front of her, looking down into her eyes. James slowly brought his hand up, resting it on her cheek. "Not right now," she whispered. "We've got to save Kong."

"And what if we don't?" James said. "And I never get this chance again?"

"Have some Faith," she said. "You're a great captain."

"Let's go," he whispered and she nodded. He once again took her hand and they all began moving through the woods together. It wasn't long until they were all sprinting together through the woods, hoping to reach the Colonel before he could do anything.

It wasn't long until they reached the soldiers and Kong. James flew out of the brush, jumping between Packard's men and Kong, shouting his name. Loki followed, standing by James as he pulled a gun and Hank snuck up behind the soldiers with his sword.

"Don't do it," James warned.

"Slivko, please," Loki said quietly, looking to the young man she now considered a friend.

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