Sugar Coma

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AN: Jacob Holt pictured above

Never in her life, or at least the parts she was starting to remember, has Calla had this much pain in her stomach. Maybe from before the fall into the river, she was in much more pain, seeing as she's been told there is a large lump on the back of her head and a cut that Charlie was nice enough to put what he called, butterfly bandages on for her. But now, Calla had the worst stomach ache that she has ever had and the plastic wrappers around her were proof of that.

"I'm telling you, I failed that test, there is no way I pass this quarter." The unfamiliar voice of Jacob and a sudden sneeze sounded off from the front door while Calla laid up against the wall in the kitchen with her shame spread across the tile floor. When the footsteps got closer she wanted to move and run back to the tower room but she couldn't move. Her stomach was on the verge of throwing up and she feared that if her body made any sudden movements she would yak all over the floor and that would be worse than them finding her with all the plastic wrappers.

"You're being too hard on yourself, if you only got a few wrong, that's not failing the test that's-"

Charlie didn't get to finish his sentence because the moment they entered the kitchen together, all eyes fell on Calla and the snack cake wrappers.

"INTRUDER! Someone get the bat!" Jacob shouted while frantically looking for the bat around the kitchen. He wouldn't find it, it was in the backyard shed, Joe had been using it to kill a few pests that were messing with the garden. Had Charlie known about the pest, he would have raised hell. He put a lot of work into that garden and it was worth half his grade.

"NO, no one is getting a bat or anything else to hit with. Calla, are you okay?" Charlie slowly kneeled down and scooted over to her while she tried to find the words to say she was sorry for going overboard. "Fine, I'm sorry," she finally got the words out but she quickly covered her mouth with her hand just before barf tried to get out from behind her lips.

"Don't be sorry, let's get you to the bathroom so you can throw up." He gently pulled her up to her feet and scooted past Joe, Jacob, Chester, and Ricky who were all staring at the two of them. "Was anyone going to tell me Charlie had a girlfriend and that she was staying with us?" Jacob asked the two left behind while he looked past them to see if Danny or Duke had come home yet. "That's not his girlfriend, but I sense we should have a house meeting soon. Is Duke or Danny back yet?" Joe spoke up and jump a little when Jacob sneezed suddenly and quickly pulled out his nasal spray and sucked it up into his nose to help his never-ending allergies.

"No, Duke is in the library, of course, I think Danny will be in late. He has a shift at the taco stand tonight." Chester piped up and updated the room with the whereabouts of the other brothers while he started to pick up the plastic wrappers. Joe, on the other hand, started to feel nauseous and that usually meant one thing; he was going to pass out soon.

Joe rubbed his eyes and tried to hold off a possible sleeping spell from all the chaos around him. He turned to the main living room and clicked on the tv for a bit of a distraction while he heard the rest of the crew following him. The couch squeaked and moved as two others sat next to Joe who just wanted to watch tv and take his mind off the day.

"So, Calla, who is she now?" Jacob brought the subject back up but the other brothers but they shared a look before Ricky took the lead. "I think it would be best to wait for Charlie and her to get done in the bathroom. It's a complicated story." Jacob took the excuse for the time being and the four of them turned back to the tv to watch the end of a lacrosse match. Only a few seconds in and the news broke through with an urgent message.

"Kidnapping or a possible runaway? Tonight's news is about a young lady missing in the greater Pulaski area. She was last seen wearing a dark red top, black pants, and black sneakers. She has dark brown hair and fair skin, she's about twenty-one years old and has been missing for nearly two weeks. Due to her past history, the family was reluctant to call in the police as she has run away before. This time, however, there is almost no doubt that she has been taken. If anyone has any news on this case, please contact the number at the bottom of the screen. Her parents are issuing a hundred-thousand-dollar reward for the safe return of their daughter."

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