Chapter 21: Sting Eucliffe

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-I'm so so so so so so so so sooooo sorry for not writing a chapter in so long! I've been really busy and have had no free time and truly apologize to the few people who actually read this book. This chapter might be really short, sorry again. Anyway, hope you enjoy chapter 21!-


Lucy's P.O.V

"That was such a good movie! I'm glad that was showing and not a horror film." I say as a small shiver went down my back. " was...good...mfg fnby rle" Natsu says, mumbling the last part while looking at the ground. 

"Oh, did you not like it? I thought it did a good job of portraying discrimination, and was interesting to watch. Sorry you didn't find it intriguing." I say. "Whatever. We should head back to the hotel and get our luggage." He says not looking up

"Yeah..." I say and look at his blank expression, showing not even the slightest emotion. "Hey...are you ok?" I ask with a tinge of concern in my voice. "Huh? Oh...yeah, I'm..fine..." He said glancing up.

"Ok...I guess..." We walk to the hotel in piercing silence. I absolutely hated it. It was never quiet with Natsu around, much less silent. What's wrong with him? He's never really acted like this...and he was fine before the movie. Was it something in the movie? What could it have been though?

I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't even notice that we already at the park until I heard Mrs. Tuttle's voice over the megaphone. "ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE BRATS, I'M TIRED AND HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR ANY MISBEHAVIOR SO GET YOUR BUTTS ON THE BUS AND LETS JUST LEAVE SO I CAN GET AWAY FROM YOU NUESANCES!!" 

Seriously, how has she not lost her job yet...?  I realize that I'm not carrying anything and I spin around to look for my luggage when someone 'gently' taps me on the shoulder. "What?!" I snap at them harshly, turning back around.

"Woah, calm down. I was just going to give you your  luggage that I  carried." Natsu said virtually throwing my bags at me. I fail to catch them and one hits me right on the nose. I hear Natsu snicker as he stands there doing absolutely nothing to help.

"Oww! Geez, don't throw them at me!" I say, annoyed. "Well then, maybe you should have carried your own luggage." Natsu smirks getting on the bus. "Uuugghh..." I groan as I slowly pick up my luggage and board the bus.

The bus ride was somewhat peaceful, I guess. Natsu fell asleep about five minutes in due to his motion sickness and the bus was mainly whispers because the teacher was really pissed and no one wanted to make her even more angry.

I had to drag Natsu, and all our luggage, to his house. Turns out Natsu got a babysitter for Wendy but they didn't charge anything since they had a daughter, so it was just a double sleepover to them. But, you know, with parents there, which didn't sound that fun to me.

It took all my energy to drag myself back to my house. I didn't even change clothes, I just took off my shoes and fell asleep immediately when my body hit the bed. 

<><><><>At school<><><><>

After a normal morning of Natsu very rudely waking me up, we got to class early as always, and had a random conversation with Mrs. Tuttle that I was paying no attention to. 

Class finally started but, once again, no one seemed to have heard the bell...or they just didn't care. "*clears throat* SHUT YOUR FACES!!" Mrs. Tuttle yelled while slamming the door with a blond-haired kid trailing behind her.

"We have a new student and I demand you be nice to him...or else." Mrs. Tuttle says giving a glare around the classroom "Now, would you like to introduce yourself?" "U-Uh...ok...Hi! My name is Sting Eucliffe, and...yeah!" He introduces.

"Great great, very nice to meet you, bla bla bla. You can sit...right there, next to Natsu." Mrs. Tuttle says pointing to the empty seat next to Natsu with her pen. Stings eyes seemed to go wide at the mention of Natsu's name. But not wide in fear, like most, it was...something else.

I looked over at Natsu and saw that he looked shocked, an expression I rarely see on him. Sting smiled slightly and sat down next to Natsu as class began.


Sorry again for the short chapter. Hope you enjoyed anyway!

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