✿02: the back story✿

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it's time for a new story, i don't think y'all are ready ;)


you're probably wondering why kaycee has such a large amount of hate towards sean. it's stupid, well that's what her friends think at least. 

when the two teenagers were younger they were actually good friends. they both danced, they liked the same things, and they got along very well. their families got along as well, it seemed like everything was perfect for them. 

until the fame started rising. their followers began to increase, but they promised they wouldn't let the fame get to them. kaycee truly remembers that moment, that promise. 

"sean, i'm serious about this. please don't let your growing fame get in the way of our friendship. i don't want us to change because of our follower count." kaycee said softly, as sean sat on her bed. 

sean gave her a smile, "i promise that won't happen." 

but then it did. 

sean hit one million followers on instagram, and he soon began canceling on kaycee, making rude jokes without even realizing it, acting as if he was better than any other person. the fame was changing him. it upset kaycee, but she never said anything. then sean just left her. left her for people like maddie, tati, and gabe. 

it hurt her, knowing that he willingly left her to be with people who he used to dislike. her sadness turned into anger, and distress, hate even. they haven't spoken in out six months, kaycee always just glares at him while sean just gives her a sarcastic smirk. 

their friendship went down the drain, and kaycee is convinced that it won't ever be the same again.

this is, i dare you.


do yall like this idea? or no?

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