"So what are you guys doing here?" I ask. "Shouldn't you be getting to the party?" I ask them.

"We needed Daddy David to take us there. We wanna look rich pulling up in the Tesla." Sydney smiles whilst twisting her hair.

"First off, don't ever call me that. And second how does pulling up in a Tesla make you two seem rich? I'm the one driving it." David laughs.

"If the boys sees us pulling up in your Tesla, they'll wanna sleep with us! Get with the program, David!" Carly snaps. David and I connect eyes and we fall into a pit of laughter.

"Let me grab my keys and we'll get going." David says. "Grab my camera please?" He asks as he gets up from the couch.

"Alex, are you tagging along?" Carly asks.

"I wish. But I got somewhere to be." Alex shrugs his shoulders.

"Like where? Home to jerk off?" Brandon's deep voice comes out and it takes us all by surprise.

"Nah. I got a girlfriend to love and be loyal to." Alex replies. He glances at David and he nods his head. I give David his camera and he takes it from my hands.

"Alright, uh, ladies," David chuckles.

"We're the bad bitches." Carly smiles at David. David raises his eyebrows and closes his eyes, smiling harder as if he was silently laughing.

"Let's get going bad bitches." He says. He pulls his Tesla key out of his pocket and we all follow him to the Tesla. We climbed in and set sail to the UCLA party the girls were talking about.

"David! Play some music!" Jason yells.

"What do you wanna listen to?" David asks.

"Just play some music, David." Brandon rolls his eyes.

"What do you guys want to listen to?" David asks again.

"David just play some fucking music!" Screams Jason.

"Oh my god." David and I laugh. He starts playing the music and we all began jamming out to it. It took us about a twenty minute drive to get to the party.

"Alright Carly and Sydney. You're here!" David smiles as he looks back at the girls.

"Thank you David!" Carly smirks.

"Be good and be careful." David says.

"Oh, you mean like use protection?" Sydney asks.

"No! Well. Yes. But don't jump into bed with any guys. Boys are off limits." David shakes his head.

"So jump into bed with girls? I wasn't much of a fan of jumping into bed with girls." Carly shakes her head.

"No! No sleeping with anybody!" David laughs.

"Oh! Okay. Okay. Can't make any promises, David." Sydney says.

"Whatever. Just have fun and be safe." David says.

"Yeah. Go fuck some shit up!" I cheer for the girls.

"No! Don't listen to her!" David laughs harder as he grabs my throat and pulls me closer to him and shuts me up. Jason and Brandon didn't notice as they were too busy yelling at the group of boys in front of them.

"They're going to suspect something if you keep pulling on to me like that!" I giggle at him.

"I'm pretty sure they already think something is going on between us, Lauren." He laughs back.

"Get the fuck out of here!" David looks behind me out of the window and I turn around in time to see a college guy throw something which gets onto the girls and David's Tesla.

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