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I laughed as Seth continued to explain his family reunion. "Then my uncle comes in the room and he's looking for his daughter, at that same time she was leaving one of the bedrooms with her boyfriend" Daniel and I covered our mouths in shock and Seth said "That's how you get pregnant at the family reunion" I waved him off. Seth did a long sigh as he looked over the water. "It's the first day of summer" we both chuckled and said "Summer started last week." Seth laid down "It starts after the first week, duh" we just agreed

"Hey Layla can you go get us some drinks" I nodded and got up. I went to the best milkshake spot on the boardwalk. I walked in and there was a line of course so I waited. It took about ten minutes to get to the cashier. I pulled my wallet out and I heard the cashier say "Welcome to Dairy's Farm Shakes what can I get for you" I pulled out a twenty dollar bill and started by saying "Can I get one strawberry milkshake and two-" I looked at the cashier and it's like my world stopped, she was so gorgeous. "And two..." she said curiously

"And two vanilla milkshakes" I looked next to me to see Daniel. She nodded and put in the order. She told us the total and Daniel handed her the money. He then pulled me away to the waiting stand "Why'd you just freeze like that" she was gorgeous. I shook my head and watched her make our milkshakes. She walked over to the stand and said "One strawberry and two vanillas" I walked over and took our milkshakes "Thank you" she nodded and we left. As we went back to our spot I saw Seth tanning

"Did you guys get lost" he sat up and Daniel laughed as he said "No, Layla got star struck over the cashier" Seth laughed and said "You mean Brie" my eyes widened as I said "You know her" he nodded. I begged him to tell me about her. "Ok so her mom and my mom are really close friends. But she wanted to move here to find a few jobs. So now she's renting out our spare bedroom. The girl is cute she just doesn't talk much" I nodded

"So what you're saying is you live with her" he nodded and I slapped his chest. "Hey watch the pecs, They're my money makers" I rolled my eyes. We finished drinking our milkshakes then we walked on the boardwalk for the rest of the day.


I walked into my house and I put my key in the bowl. "Layla" I heard my dad say as he walked into the foyer. "Hey I'm back" we hugged and as we pulled back he said "Did you have fun" I nodded and walked past him. I walked into the kitchen. I opened the cabinet and I didn't see my cookies

"Dad where did my cookies go" I turned and he walked into the kitchen "I didn't see any cookies" I sighed and said "You know, it's the cookies mom made me and shipped to me" his eyes widened and then he cleared his throat "Oh yeah, I ate them, I didn't know they were yours" I stared him down. I could tell he was lying. So if I didn't eat them and neither did he...Holly. "She ate my cookies" I clenched my fist and he sighed and said "Layla they're cookies" I was pissed off

"Yeah, They're cookies. I get ten cookies every three months from my mother who I haven't seen in years because you won't let me see her." He sighed softly and shook his head "It was an accident, I'll talk to her about it." I slammed the cabinet shut and said "Yeah like that works" I went upstairs to my room and put everything down. I walked over to my desk and picked up the picture with my mom and I at the playground "I'll see you again" I kissed the picture and held it against my chest.


What's your favorite food?

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