Bracelet Pt. 2-Jojen Reed x Reader

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"Rickon, please be careful. Your mother would be livid with me if you were hurt on my watch." I yell to the youngest Stark child.

After we arrived at Winterfell, Kira somehow convinced Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn Stark that I can care for young children when they were busy. She only did it to get me out of her hair so she and the step brats could travel without me. I didn't mind, this family is better than them.

Over the time of being a nanny to the younger ones, I've grown close with all the Starks and even Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy. They were all like the siblings I've never had.

"He's fine." Bran came running up to me. "But Mother and Father want us to go to the Great Hall." He turns around to face the tree Rickon was in. "Come on! We need to go to the hall! Be careful getting down!" He yelled. He ran off before Rickon could comprehend what he said.

I stood laughing at Bran's energy and walked to the tree with my hands up. "I'll help you down." He held my shoulders as he jumped and I lowered him to the ground.

"Let's race!" He yells right before bolting off, laughing.

I run off to chase him. His young, little legs were too fast for mine. He makes it to the door and opens it, walking in calmly but still panting, me close behind.

"I win." He whispers.

"Because you cheated!" I panted as he walked to his mother and brother. "My lady." I curtsy.

"Thank you, Y/N." She leans down to the boys. "Okay, I sent your siblings to get bathed and dressed and now it's your turn. We have some guests coming that are friends with your father. Run off." Bran goes first and Rickon follows. "Wash with soap, Rickon!" She yells after him.

"Yes, Mother." He yells back.

I smile and turn back to Cat. "They are really great kids." I laugh.

"Thank you." She smiled with pride. "The guests we are having are the Reeds of Greywater Watch." My eyes widen. I haven't thought about that place since the party. "I want you to attend the feast to keep an eye on the boys. Is that okay?"

"Of course! I love anytime I can spend with them." I smile, rubbing my wrist. It feels empty still.

"Good." She walks off to the servants at the head table and begins to instruct them on decorations.

After a good while, I head to the boys' rooms to make sure they are getting dressed properly. Robb catches me halfway and walks with me. "Y/N, I've heard you are going to the feast with us." He laughs.

"Yes. I have to watch your younger brothers." I smile.

"Well, that's good. I've heard that Lord Howland Reed is looking for a young girl, about your age, to be betrothed with his son, Jojen. I've also heard that he is very attractive." He elbowed my arm softly, laughing.

"Well, that's good for Sansa." I laugh. We walk through the hallway and stop at his room.

"I can introduce you two after I meet him. You're able to be at the feast so why not meet the guests?" He smirked and walked into his room as I roll my eyes.

I walk to the next room and knock on the door. "Bran, are you dressed?"

"Yes. Don't come in though!" He yells. My eyebrows furrow and I place my hand in the handle. I push the door open and see Bran and Rickon on the floor, wrestling. I sigh and they stand up, picking up the table that fell before I arrived.

"Come on you too. You need to be in the courtyard when the Reeds arrive." They run past me and I laugh.


I sit followed by Bran then Rickon at the table. When the guests arrived, I stood in the back with Jon and Theon and I could only see Howland, not either of his children.

I could see, though, Robb and Theon interacting with his daughter now. Meera was in a green dress that wasn't too showy. It complimented her complexion and dark hair.

Bran elbowed me to get my attention, "Why is Jojen Reed staring at you?" He looked forward.

"Where?" I ask.

"Blond hair to your left." He grabs Rickon's hand as he starts messing with the table. I pretend to mess with my hair and look over where he instructed.

There stands a boy my age with blond hair and green eyes that seemed familiar. I smile and he smiles back, sweetly. I look back at Robb as he whispers something to Theon and heads over to me. I smile and shake my head.

He stands before the table and reaches his hand out to mine. "You've seen him, time to introduce you to him properly." He smirked.

I roll my eyes and take his hand as he leads me from the table, past the people, to Jojen leaning on the wall.

"My lord, may I introduce you to Lady Y/N." He says, smiling. I curtsy.

He bows his head and smiles, "It's an honor, my lady."

That voice...

I begin to mess with my wrist again and he seems to notice. Robb leaves back to Theon and Meera and Jojen speaks again. "Why are you messing with your wrist?" His eyes seem hopeful but his voice doesn't give away anything.

"I had a bracelet that I lost before I came here." I place my hands to my sides.

His eyes widen as he moves his head from looking at my wrist to my eyes and nods, "Will you be willing to follow me outside?" He reaches his hand for me to place mine in, still looking a little shocked. I turn to the boys and they are behaving. I then look to Robb and gesture for him to watch his brothers. He nods and smiles.

"I'd love too." I place my hand in his and I get a déjà vu.  He leads me outside and no one is outside, besides some stable boys. The cold bites at my skin but he seems unfazed.

"This may sound weird, but I think we've met before." He says. I open my mouth to ask what he means when he lifts up his sleeve to reveal my lost bracelet. My eyes widen and I look back and forth from his eyes to his wrist and back again. Of course! Those eyes, that voice!

"The party," I whisper. Reaching to feel the bracelet, I see that it fit him perfectly. "How did you...?"

"I have visions. I had one the night before the party about the bracelet. And a fortnight ago, I had one about the owner of the bracelet being in Winterfell. I convinced my father to visit with Lord Stark so I could see if I could find you."

I blush and he removes the bracelet and holds it out, "May I?"

I place my wrist out and he slips the bracelet on me.

"Meera helped me to fix it up where you can tighten it so it doesn't come off as easily." He shows me how to cinch it tight. "That will be useful for our future dances together." He smirks.

"What do you mean?" I laugh.

"I didn't just see you in Winterfell, my lady." He smirks and walks me back into the Great Hall, me blushing the whole way.

I sit back down as he walks to his sister. Robb comes up behind me, "You're blushing, Y/N." He laughs. "You're smitten."

"Shut it, Stark." I laugh. Jojen turns around glancing at me with a smile on his face while talking to Meera.

Robb starts laughing while Rickon leans over the table to see me. "Ooo! Y/N's in love."

I roll my eyes and turn around and lightly smack Robb's arm, sending him into more laughter.

Jojen walks over and Robb leaves again. "I heard what Rickon said." He whispered in my ear.

"It's not—"

"You're fine. I think it will be true eventually, if not already." He smirks. "I am going to speak with my father but will I see you tomorrow?"

I nod and laugh. He slips his hand under mine and lifts it to his lips, kissing my knuckles. He backs away and goes to speak with his father. I lean over to Bran after he's out of earshot. "Is it hot in here to you?"

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