Chapter 14 Care

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(To be honest I was going to do Paint x Code anyway. I just wanted to see what you guys had to say. You did help me with who'll be sub and dom though so don't think it was for nothing. Paint is dom for the win. I'm excited. Continue please.

Paint's p.o.v. (Ooh! That's new.)

I finish wrapping Code's head from his place on the guest bed. He's out like a light. I turn around to face Error with a serious expression. "I want a detailed story on what happened." He looks away, obviously hurt by the memory. He tells me everything. The plan to escape all the way to him getting pushed out of the window and driving off in the car. He nearly breaks down a couple of times, but gets through it thanks to Ink comforting him. I sit there, shook. "How did I not know? I feel so stupid." I take a breath. "How long has this been happening?" I ask. He looks away, pain in his eye lights. "S-SeVen y-YeaRs." He stutters out. 'I have a strong feeling that he needs a hug.' I crouch to his height and outstretch my arms. "Come here bud." He squeezes me tightly and starts crying. Ink looks like seeing Error cry is bringing him physical pain. "Shh...Just let it all out. Code is okay. You're safe." The last sentence brings Error into a sort of shock while Geno and Fresh just stare with wide sockets. Error lets go so I can see his face. There are so many emotions in his one expression. Happy, sad, scared, relieved, and even anxious. Happy is the most prominent emotion, made obvious by his big smile. He runs over to Ink and tackle hugs him to the ground. "Did you hear that KyKy?! We're safe! We're really safe!" This takes me by surprise. Ink then pulls Error into a kiss from their place on the ground. My sockets widen. 'Why didn't he tell me Error and him were dating?' I decide to voice my opinion out loud. "HOW COME YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU WERE DATING HIM?!" I yell like the overprotective older brother I am. I take a deep breath and calm down. "Just tell me in the morning...Now for sleeping arrangements." I start to think. 'Should I be that kind of brother?...Of course I should!' I smile to myself. "Error sleeps with Ink in his room, I'll sleep in mine, and Error's brothers can just sleep on the couches that are in the living room." I tell them. "I only have one bed though." Ink comments. Exactly. I say, winking at him before telling him good night in a mocking tone and making my way to my room. "I'm a great brother." I say, chuckling to myself before going back to sleep.

Ink's p.o.v.

We both get up from our place on the floor. I internally scream at Paint as heat covers my face. "C-Come on RuRu." I say, grabbing his hand and pulling him down the hall while Geno and Fresh make their way downstairs. We arrive at my room and I open the door to reveal my room. It has a queen bed, a brown desk in the corner covered in miscellaneous spots of paint, a basket filled with papers upon papers of artwork, a bag filled with art supplies hanging on my door, a T.V on my walk with bookshelves under it, and a closet beside my bed. Error looks around in amazement. "Woah!" He says breathlessly, looking at the intricate designs I have painted on my wall.

 "Woah!" He says breathlessly, looking at the intricate designs I have painted on my wall

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I smile at his reaction. "I actually painted it myself." He smiles widely while staring at it. "So cool!" I smile to myself. 'I'm glad he's happy now.' "I'm glad you like it." I contemplate saying something. 'Screw it.'  "...shorty." I emphasize my point by putting my hand on his head and gently patting him on his skull. To my surprise he leans into my touch, making me nearly jump out of my non-existent skin. "I have you know that I'm not short. You're just tall." I look at him with a knowing expression. "That's what every cliche cute, short character said ever." I tell him. "Just change into whatever pajamas you have." I tell him after a moment of silence. He walks into my closet, confusing me. "Error! What are you doing in there?" I asks. "J-JuSt gIvE mE a SeC, p-pLeAse?" He says in a nervous tone with his naturally cute voice. "Okay." I cross my arms and wait. When he comes out, which is about five minutes later, I see that he's wearing an oversized sweatshirt that belongs to me. It's white with many colorful splatter designs. I end up looking down further only to see that it goes to the middle of his thigh and the only thing he's wearing underneath is boxers. Heat rises to my cheek bones, making Error panic. "D-Did I mAkE yOu m-mAd? I'lL tAkE iT oFf anD pUt on sOmE cLotHeS fRoM mY bAg dOWnStaIrs i-iF yOu wAnT!" I quickly start to wave both of my hands in front of me as if saying no. "No! No! It's totally fine! Now let's get a couple hours, if not at least a couple minutes, of sleep." I turn off the light and lay on the bed. I pat the open space beside me, signaling for Error to lay there. Once Error lays down I hug him towards my body, his back to my rib cage, cover up with the blanket, and go to sleep.

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